Happy Friendship Day from Editor Bob

Hello there,

Hope you’re doing well. Let me begin this edition by thanking all of you for the friends requests that have come in. It may not be possible for me to thank everyone personally, so I am taking this opportunity to thank all my new friends who have joined me on the roller-coaster ride of my life! Thank you! Now, lets dig in…

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  Girlfriend’s Day [Aug 1]

Starbucks was party to some drama the other day when all the women, Kaitlin, Kate, Megan, and Irina decided to hang out. The ‘girl gang’ was quite upbeat about meeting up after a long time and someone informed me about the meeting. I think it was Megan. She’s the one who’s most likely to tell you about a party in which you are not invited! But I was really curious the entire evening to know what was going on at the cafe.

Next day the phone rang early. It was Megan again. She sounded serious. She started with “Bob, it’s serious.” At the end of a ten-minute talk, I realized that maybe it’s not serious, but it is most definitely alarming. It was about the party they had. Staying true to what she said, this is what happened. Things were moving on really well and they were having a great ‘girls’ day out’ time, even planning to celebrate Girlfriend’s Day on August 1, when Kate brought up the subject of shopping for her marriage. That is when it went off the track and into the slide.

Kate had some ideas about handling the shopping and the clothes and the wedding theme she wanted. Irina, who is very fashion-conscious and on a love high these days, with her new hotshot boyfriend and all, decided to cut in. She tore up Kate’s plans in shreds and made Kate feel like her plans were only good enough to marry off dolls. This brought on an ego clash between the two and things fell apart. Megan said that the tension went so high up that they almost started yelling on top of their lungs. The people on the neighboring tables went silent and stared at them. Irina and Kate suddenly noticed that they caused a ruckus so they calmed down and the group quietly exited the cafe.

Now I know the matter would be resolved in a couple of days because both of them are sensible human beings. What I am worried about is that such incidents sometimes make a negative impact in the long run. And that is alarming, I don’t want the group to break up and I am sure nobody wants it either.

Pamper Yourself Day [Aug 6]

Lo behold, I’ve got to tell you all that I was forced to go into a beauty treatment. I’m a true blue Californian surfer boy, OKAY?! I don’t really pamper myself. I don’t see the need apart from the usual personal hygiene. That way I don’t really fit in very well with the image of the ‘New York metrosexual male’. I’m the boy next door that you’ll see in t-shirts and jeans, skating around in the neighborhood. I used to be way more tanned than I am now, but New York pretty much changed my skin. After years of living here, it’s sickly pale. So I get out to the parks and skate whenever I can. The best thing about the summer is that I can skate to work, but the traffic gets a little crazy around the Times Square area, so I start walking from there onwards.

Donna got me this beauty package for my birthday. She was going to take me to a black tie event so it was the perfect birthday gift that was going to improve both our images. She said, “Bob, I know you’re not going to clean yourself up properly, so I got the package for you. You don’t have a choice. You want to go to this event so I need you to look your best.” Apparently big funders for non-profit organizations that Donna’s working with are going to be there. Plus some of her socialite family friends are going to be there. So I needed to do this for Donna. I didn’t mind, and I’m not going to use the “what are friends for” line either. I figured it’s something out of the ordinary routine that I should just enjoy.

So I took the day off the other day to well, to ‘get pampered’. Donna came with me to give me company. It was my first time being in a beauty parlor and I wasn’t going to cut my hair. I walked in and I felt like a giant. All the little Korean ladies stared at me, they came up to about my chest. At least Donna comes up to my shoulders. Donna told them what to do. I had to take off my sandals. All of a sudden I was surrounded by little Korean ladies taking care of my hands and feet, laughing and talking in a tongue I couldn’t understand. They were probably talking about how dirty my finger nails were or something about my face. I thanked Donna for picking an hour that she thought would have the least number of people pampering themselves. There were one or two other clients, I was the only guy in there. I was also the tallest person. I felt self-conscious, like a teenager.

Donna did her pampering as well. She seemed to fit in fine, unlike me who was feeling uneasy throughout all this. I failed to understand why you need to brush, trim, wash, then re-brush and wash again. I mean, isn’t it enough to do it just once? And then they did some other stuff like “buffing”, as I was educated by Donna. They did some other stuff that I don’t really recall. But overall it wasn’t as bad an experience as I thought. I think I fell asleep for a while when they were doing my facial. I can understand now why people are so addicted to beauty treatments and spas. It was really relaxing for me, and almost therapeutic. So if you’re really stressed out, go get yourself pampered and feel rejuvenated. Hey, it’s cheaper than vacations!

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  Friendship Day [Aug 3]

After I returned from the Cape, life has been one busy chaos. Work piled up on my desk, I couldn’t really sleep properly and I felt drugged in the mornings. So I suggested to my friends that we meet up soon. They agreed and we met at a new hangout place. This place was new but it was cozy. I loved the whole couch theme all around and you can see people coming and going. The lighting was fantastic and the waitresses were really friendly. Totally not New York at all. The scenery refreshed me, I mean you can go to the regular dive bars only so many times. All of us were there except Irina, who was out with Richard on a ‘holiday trip’, AGAIN!

We gathered around a largish table and talked about the golden times that we have spent together. Then an idea struck me. I told the others to talk about the first impression we had when we met each other! We had to be as honest as possible. It was a riot! It was like those truth or dare games we play at house parties. Except there’s only the truth part. All sorts of odd impressions came up and we were very amused to find out what we thought of each other before we became really good friends. And if you guys are thinking that I am about to give you a sneak peak into that as well, you will be disappointed! That’s because they made me promise that they will play to my idea only if I kept quiet about it as far as my newsletters are concerned. Sorry folks!

What I can tell you is that I had a whale of a time and it helped me recharge my batteries to a great extent. Really there’s nothing like old friends and old wine. Friendship Day isn’t far off, so I am thinking of having a sort of BBQ party to celebrate our being together for so many years. Talk about first impressions, why don’t you share your stories of how you first got this newsletter? Click here to comment and share!

Double Date Deal Breaker!

The mail came in the afternoon. I was just about to take it easy for a little time after my lunch when my mail popped up. The mail was from the online dating site I registered with. I know many of you guys must be wondering why I did it, but anyway, it’s done now! They got me a date after all!

Her name was Cathy. This time I decided to have a good time whatever it took. So I booked a table for two in a fancy restaurant that everyone’s been talking about. Cathy turned up half an hour late. She was wearing a peach colored gown with a single strap on the left shoulder. To add the icing on an already overcooked cake, she had a chunky sunflower pinned to the solitary strap! I was taking some big gulps of slowly receding oxygen supply when she yelled something about being sorry. I was taken aback by the loudness of her voice. She reminded me of Fran from ‘The Nanny’.

I was grappling with her loud voice and trying my best to keep curious eyes off our table when it got from bad to worse. I kept my head down but when I gazed up I couldn’t believe what I saw. Standing by the hostess was Leo, with Megan on his arm. The man I dislike and am starting to hate even more now for having turned up at a time when I am not in a good mood. He always seemed to show up at the wrong times! “Hi Bob, my pal!” came his greeting–the same pompous wave of the hand and patronizing tone. Then they walked up to our table. Leo insisted on having a double date and two more chairs were arranged at our table.

Then Leo bragged. He bragged as if there was no tomorrow. The problem was that he did not need to stop. He had two spell-bound listeners in Cathy and Megan. Cathy even shifted her chair a little in his direction so that she can hear him clearly! Megan was clearly besotted; she had the excuse: she was in love. I fiddled around with the salt and pepper shakers till the food arrived. Then I ate in silence while Leo continued his one-man show, being the motivational speaker that he is. At the end of it all, I was so tired that I said a quiet good bye to Cathy and left. I didn’t even turn to see what reaction my abrupt exit made on the three of them.

The moral of the story? Never blind double date! It can spell disaster. Come to think of it, I think I’m going to give up on online dating… it’s just really not working out for me. That reminds me of the Zen quote I read the other day, “Computer dating is fine, if you’re a computer,” said Rita Mae Brown. I’m not a computer and it’s starting to spell like the end for me. What do you think? Should I give it another shot?

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Until next week, catch me on my blog! We have special Friendship Day blog posts coming up!

Editor, 123Greetings

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91 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day from Editor Bob

  1. Don’t give up on dating Bob, why don’t you try the e-Harmony one, at least they’ll pair you up with someone who has the same interests as you do.

    Mary xxxxxxxxx

  2. Bob, Online dating has been a disappointment to me also. Some rude characters on there. Also many of them are not truthful about themselves.
    I finally gave up on it and have put my faith in “Whatever Happens, Happens…. without the disappointments of online dating.
    Good Luck, Albertine

  3. My first impression was, this guy is fantastic. I felt a little nosy about what seems to go on in your life, but what the heck? LOL. I thought to myself, “Well self, you like people who are interesting and who have something good to talk about.” That’s when everything fell into place to look for your next email. Thanks.

  4. I just want you to know that I too did the online dating thing and just to let you know, I’m going to be married on August 9th of this year to the man of my dreams who I met online. I made a lot of friends, that I still email with, had a good time, went out with a couple of the men I had chatted with… So don’t give up. Enjoy meeting new people, going on the occasional date and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone as wonderful as I did!

  5. Hey Bob,
    I also say to not give up on the online dating. If you have the right frame of mind, it can really be an experience.

    In my online dating trials, I met a few interesting people, that just didn’t happen to be ‘for me.’

    I found that a LOT of conversation online can help to reveal the other person, before a meeting is ever arranged. And, when the conversations prove ‘comfortable’ enough, we’d mutually agree to meet.

    After a few dates, while they weren’t disastrous, showed me the Mr. Wrongs, I did find a Mr. Right, and have been with him for about 17 months now.

    As a joke of a motto for online dating, and possibly other challenges in life, “keep your expectations low, then anything above that is just a bonus!”

    Best of Luck,

  6. Bob,
    Don’t give up on it quite yet. I met a really great guy through one of the online dating services, but it took quite a while. We don’t live anywhere near each other, but we have made the effort to “meet halfway” and things between us are looking up. We’re even talking about one of us moving to the other’s neck of the woods, which is pretty serious, since he lives in MA and I live in TN. Remember, anything good is worth waiting for.

  7. Bob,
    Maybe you need to take a little more time before meeting them …an email or two and a phone call before you actually meet. Sometimes you can tell a lot just chatting to someone……like if you will want to meet them in person. Don’t give up. That old saying about kissing a lot of frogs before finding a prince (ss) is true. I have met some wonderful people from online and it can’t be all bad you know….YOU are online!
    Good luck!

  8. hey bob…write me if you would like… on line dating is like anything else..some hits and some misses…same scenario in up close and personal meeting…. do whatever works in your gut and always trust your intuition…I’m still single and looking have joined e-harmony but am not taking anything too seriously or personal..let what happens happen !! just remeber to have fun and stay true to yourself!!


  9. Bob,

    “computer dating is fine if your a computer”, that’s a great qoute–I hadn’t heard it. I can’t bring myself to write that ‘required’ page about yourself that you must have to be a ‘registered dater’. HEY!! Let’s go out, c’mon…ask me on a date!I’ll tell you all about myself at the Chili’s!!

  10. Hello Bob, I don’t know how I began receiving your newsletters. Maybe a friend signed me up. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading the three newsletters that I have received thus far. I now look forward to hearing about your latest personal experiences and about what your friends are up to. In regards to your online dating experiences and your dissapointment with all that, I think many of us understand your frustration. I hesitate to ever try on-line dating again. But, I won’t give up on dating and neither should you. Take care….and thanks for your newsletter….Maria.

  11. hey bob
    don’t give up so fast with the on-line dating.
    i met the love of my life on Jdate. these last three years have been the best ever! i never thought it would be possible to find someone so perfect for me …. i have other friends who have been equally successful!!!i know its not easy but hang in there!!!!

  12. On-line Dating
    I’ve been getting this newsletter for about a year now and hadn’t really been reading them. Lately, I have and I find the on-dating thing very interesting. My overworked/divorced status puts me in a situation frustrating situation. I find myself in a situation where the women in my ‘reach’ are either married or “married”. The friends (?) in the bunch call themselves encouraging me with comments like “you are a good man going to waste.” That one killed me, what do you say to something like that. As far as on-line dating, I say, do what ever you can to find her. Because if you’re like me, a frustrated romantic who doesn’t like it out here in the field, you will take the advice of Malcolm X and track her down “By any means necessary.”

  13. Dear Bob,
    Be encouraged and don’t give up yet.
    Finding the “right” website for online dating is key.
    Can I take the liberty of being a “sister” with sharing my knowledge?

    My husband and I are one of those on-line success stories! We will be married for one year next month.

    I’d say that if you really want to get to know someone, be willing to talk a lot, e-mail a lot before wasting your time of meeting them in person.
    Be openly honestly blunt about who you really are, if you two can connect, then she won’t be scared off by the fact that you might leave your socks on the floor, or she might wear curlers in her hair once in a while…
    Sit down and type out your list of what characteristics you really require from a future mate, what you can and can’t tolerate. (ie, Nanny Frans’ voice waking you up in the morning?) be specific with the details. You are a creative writer, is she as creative? Are you compatible in ALL areas?

    Mentally, from the first, have the mindset that no matter what happens this is the ultimate person you want to spend the rest of your life with. What are you willing to compromise on? Has she “grown up” yet? or does she have too many “deja vue” moments to work thru yet from her past? Can you tolerate each other’s baggage from the past? Be sure to cover it all. No stone left un turned…. full disclosure now will save a world of heart ache and disappointment later. Seriously.

    If you are dating just to be dating in hopes of finding the “right” girl, then it might take longer than you anticipate.

    We found each other on “loveandseek . com”
    We are blessed above what we ever hoped for!

    PS: Really enjoying your newsletters and the creative cards!

  14. Bob…so sorry to hear of the dating disaster. It was suggested that you give e-harmony at try…I personally don’t see how any online dating service can generate a ‘love connection’…but if you’re just looking to find interesting people and times to remember….well…just maybe you should give it another try. It would seem you won’t fast forget this last experience! LOL! *sorry..couldn’t resist*
    Best of luck to you Editor Bob!

  15. I have no idea who submitted my name years ago to Editor Bob’s list..It was an anonymous friend… It is nice to know there is a kindness without credit of a spoken word.
    Thanks Friend,

  16. I really think that you should still continue to do what you are doing, but make a plan in your mind to be open to any personality, then you can even find unattractive people attractive.You never know you might actually find a soulmate!!

  17. Bob, do not give up on dating. Just keep going through the bad apples until you pick the right one.

  18. Hey there! I’ve done the online dating thing for a while. It seems to be the only place that I have to meet people around here. It also seems like the older I get the harder it is to find someone. 🙁 None the less, I can’t give up hope! I’ve been told by older people than you have to meet a lot of people before you meet the one for you. You have a hell of a lot better luck than me in dating people and I’m not even ugly…so cheer up! You’ve got an awsome personality and BTW, I love reading you’re newsletters!

  19. Oh my God, Bob, forget about online dating. I did that once and although the guy and I hit it off well, I later found out that everything he had been telling was a lie. It’s easy to pretend to be someone else online. Finding out what is true and what is not is the hard part. My best friend told me once, the best way to meet good people is to be introduced to them. I believe him.

  20. My best friend in whole word send to me a ecard from 123 Greetings, I can noted they are so cute and I start to received every week a news letter, is pretty excited I can’s wait for every week.

  21. poor editor bob,

    Megan was so mean! wasn’t she?

    well, i suggest next time, just put on a mini skirt, wear a wig and join the girl day! no invitation is needed. oh bob! make sure to shave your legs too, would you?


    good luck!

    happy holiday!

  22. Yes, you should give online dating another shot. I would love to hear what happens with your different dates. Should be funny and nice to read. Good luck.

  23. Hey Bob, I have been reading your articles recently and I was wondering how it sent to me…….but kinda enjoy reading…with your ways of expressing yourself and what I want to say is…never give up….someone who is compatible to you would turn up eventually 🙂


  24. Bob,
    I met my boyfriend of 2 years (and counting!) through online dating, and a friend of mine married a man she met through online dating too. So, really, anything’s possible 😛

  25. well, i think i was about to discard your newsletter, when an idea struck me to read it and ever since then, i like reading it.i think online dating is a worse way to meey someone, although i never done it. good luck in finding that special person. Maybe you need to start looking someplace else.

  26. Don’t give up easy on online dating. Expect and unexpected. maybe one you can find one that suit your taste. Give another shot ok. thanks for sharing your experience. good luck and enjoy.

  27. Hey bob! mj here from philippines! im a guy! “Mark Joseph” 🙂 im still wondering how my email address been added up to your subscribers list but it doesnt matter now after i took a glance on your letter 2 weeks ago and i was like “ooooh!” and im so impressed on how you express yoursef through your letters! im not so literate in english language and my english is quite poor and there’s a lot of times when my friends laugh at me when im coming up with statements with wrong grammars. it is so humiliating. and so with your stories and everything, i am not just enjoying your letters but also learning how to use some words in the right way. and thank you! keep it up! (“,)

  28. Hi Bob,

    It’s good that you are trying again and again. Like they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again and I believe like some of your friends said, you will find true love one day. Keep on trying.

  29. Hi Bob,

    I think a friend sent me one of your cards and another showed me how to use them. They are very good because they help you to add meaning to your words and express them better. Thank you for your services.

  30. Hey Bob,
    Dont give up!!! I have been online since Feb 2006. I met a few guys face to face. The others i chat with them on msger, cos they are across the ocean. Well i think online dating is a time saving way to stay connected if u believe what Anthony Robbins say; “Marry someone u can talk to”. Well i still hope to find my man. Wish u best of luck .
    Take care

  31. Hey Bob, I enjoy reading your blogs. Sounds to me like you are a great guy, I don’t see a need in online dating if you are not comfortable with it. I don’t knock it at all, I have good friends that met through e-Harmony and are married now. But I just have a feeling about it for you. I think the love of your life will turn up unexpectantly and most likely, in person. Take care.

  32. I agree with Mary. Don’t give up on dating online and don’t give up on love! Sometimes its when you think you’ve finally given up all hope on finding the right person, you’d be surprised to find them standing right before you. And yes, why don’t you try eHarmony.com? That is where I met my boyfriend and to think we’re living on opposite sides of the globe. eHarmony is not your usual dating site because it has an in-depth personality profile based on the answers you give on their personality questionaire and from there, they match you up with people having the same interest as you do or with those who share the same characteristics. Just don’t give up! Have faith as well that somewhere out there someone was born for you.

    Good luck on your quest for true love! And for all the 123greetings.com team, Kudos to all of you for a job well done! You guys are simply the best!

  33. Personally, I don’t think online dating is such a great idea. I mean sure it seems kind of fun with the prospect, but you never find what you are truly looking for. Anyways, I’m a firm believer that if something is meant to be it will be. So, if there is someone out there for you, eventually you will find her or she will find you and it will just work.

  34. I have no idea how I got your first email, but one day I found a email from editor Bob in my mail box, just read it out of curiosity, and then I guess kept reading them

  35. I didn’t know what I was missing out on by not reading these newsletters for the longest. One day, something caught my eye and I started reading it, so now I look forward to gettng this email.

    On the dating tip, don’t give up just be more cautious and do some weeding. Someone mentioned talking over the phone and emailing, I think that is good advice.

  36. Don’t give up on the online dating! Like regular dating, it may take a while to meet the right person. I’ve met many wonderful people this way, and yes, I’ve met some really strange (and a few scary) people as well. It just makes you appreciate the wonderful people all the more, and believe me, there is someone wonderful out there for you. Online dating increases your chances for meeting that person. Good luck!

  37. I received this newletter about one year ago. I used to delete them. When they had taken our internet away I started to read the newletter and I really enjoyed them. Now I really enjoy getting them, I look forward to them.It’s almost like reading a soap opera

  38. Hey Bob,
    First of all I really enjoy your news letters and sending out e-cards for different and weird holidays makes the usual mundane days a little more fun!!
    Anyway, don’t give up on the online dating just yet, I met my husband through Yahoo personals, we’ve been together for 7 years and married for almost 5!!
    You may want to try some of the more reputable ones like yahoo, e-harmony or match.com.

  39. Hello Bob,
    I have tried that online dating sites for a couple of years. Really had some nice dates but it was not the spark there for me,but made some great friends. Last fall unexpected a guy that I had knew from several years ask me out. We had both lost our spouses in the last few years. He is so wonderful and so much fun. Everyone always told me that love would happen when you were least expecting it and I belive that now. So relax and just have some fun, it will come to you..

    Good luck to you..

  40. Definitely give on-line dating more chances! I dated that way for 2 years (and met many guys) before I met the right guy — and we’re still together a year and a half later. I discovered that it’s best to email a couple of times, a couple of phone calls, and then meet. It’s a waste of time to “get to know” a person via email when you never know if there’s chemistry or not until you meet. I wrote a few columns about my experiences — if you’re interested in reading them, please email me. And do tell us about your experiences … look at each date as an adventure in itself, not a means to an end…
    Good luck!

  41. I have tried on line dating and must say I have had no luck. You meet weird people and people you may not give a second thought to if you saw them in person and not just read about them. People tend to want to give a good impression so online is not the best way to really find out the core of a person. You have a great circle of friends surely they must have some single girls to introduce you to.
    However you meet that special someone, good luck.

    Love your newsletter.


  42. Hi Bob…
    All I can say is, like the others, don’t give up. Advise I should take myself! Just enjoy meeting the different people that you do, take one day at a time, and enjoy life.
    For me, the trick is to “stop and smell the roses” literally. Slow down and enjoy the moments that make up “life”.

    Enjoy today!


  44. Hi Bob,
    You have a great way with words!
    I don’t much like the internet dating myself. You have to go through too much junk on the off chance of finding that special someone. I used a dating service one time. The horible mismatches that I had at least gave me some histerical stories to tell. A rodeo clown (for real-that’s what he did) who fell in love with me on our first date while at the movies and called me 16 times the following day. How many messages do you need to leave a person? A 30 year old frat boy with nothing better to talk about then the next frat party…etc…
    How can a computer judge chemistry between people? or how can someone who doesn’t even know you match you effectively? I just don’t get it although I’ve seen it work for others.
    I thought about speed dating, but haven’t tried it myself yet, so can’t really recommend it.
    From the way you write about your friends and yourself, you seem to be a outgoing person with a big heart. The loyalty of your friends should prove to you your own worth. Be patient, be open and honestly aware and just have fun. You never know when you might meet someone special who knows that you are special, too. Don’t forget to treasure the friendships you make along the way.

  45. Hi Bob,
    I too have not had real positive experiences with on-line dating. Very few have looked like the pics they post, but tell me I look just like my pic. Duh, because mine is recent. What I get most of is a few emails, a phone conversation or 2 & when I finally say “OK, lets meet on (whatever day), I never hear from them again. What state are you in?….lol
    I’m not going to give up yet, but the thought has crossed my mind. Hang in there a little longer, I’m going to til at least the end of 08.

  46. Hi Bob, I think you do fine. You sell yourself
    supremely with your Newsletter. As time passes, you will get to know subscribers that have
    identical interests as you with whom you will
    feel comfortable and with whom you may get involved on a long term basis. Just wait and see. Good luck.

  47. Hi Bob..(no way you’ll read all these!) I, too, have NO idea who you are or why I get your emails, but they are enjoyable! I’ve been doing the online thing for a while..mixed results!! Trying eHarmony now…it’s different,b ut I don’t know if it’s better.

  48. hey bob…well at first i dint even read ur newsletter…thot it ws som spam..but ven i started getting it frequently i thot of reading it n really found it interesting..i would eagerly wait for ur newsletters now…your doing great job!!!

  49. Don’t ever giveup Bob.U never know what’s in store for you.If it didnt work this time doesn’t mean the end of it all.Just keep trying I am sure someone out there’s just waiting for u to happen to them.Go for it give it another shot.Best of luck!
    tk care

  50. Dont remember how I got ur newsletter mayb thro one of the greeting cards sent to me, I guess.I don recall reading the earlier newsletters myb I just deleted them, then one fine day after I got yahoo on mobile I chanced upon the newsletter again and it was a joyful read on the bus on my way to work.After that I got hooked on and looked forward to it evrytime I checked my mail.It’s light hearted and about everyday life like reading a life story that goes on n on! Wonderful and thank u!

  51. One of these days you’re going to find your special lady in the grocery store, and you’re going to wonder why you ever tried online dating. Your clumsiness is cute to some, and she’s going to have noticed you for a while now. You will have exchanged small chat, not someone you would consider “your type” right off, but the more you get to know her the more you like. She doesn’t like coffee, and only drinks herbal tea, but you find her quirks to be cute as well. You deserve a good woman, and she’s out there for you. The time isn’t quite right yet. Keep waiting, and you’ll meet her when the time is right. 🙂

  52. Re: First Impressions – I have no idea how I got on your email list. At first I just deleted it, but one day there was a topic that interested me and then I was hooked.

    Re: Online Dating – I would advise you to quit except that I haven’t been able to do that myself. All my luck has been bad – and yet I can’t bring myself to quit because I keep thinking that maybe next time…

  53. Hi Bob,
    Been using 123 greetings for sending e-cards for many years..and was receiving newsletter since. But I never really read them. Then early this year out of boredom I went on to read those little stories you write and suddenly I was hooked. Now it’s like tune in next week for the next chapter. I enjoy reading your newsletter now and don’t give up on your quest of finding the “right one”. . Continue to meet and make new friends and one day the the right one will come when you are not even looking.God bless!

  54. Hi Bob — I look so forward to your newsletters. I have been receiving them for well over a year and was just thinking the other day, geez, I wonder what is up with Bob and crew, haven’t heard from him in a while. Anyway, glad to receive the newsletter this morning.

    I definitely do not think you should give up on online dating. Take your time with this next one they send you and make sure you really want to meet her first. Third time could be a charm!

    Sure hope all is well with the girls and Kate’s feelings are not too hurt. Looking forward to the next edition . . .

  55. Hi Bob!
    i actually have no idea how i subscribed to your news letter, i sent a greeting card once and then i got your column! at first i reported it as spam, but then i broke up with my boyfriend and i kinda missed the “english funny stories” reading (in case you didn’t notice by now, i’m latina), so i was deleting spam mail when i saw one of yours and decided to read it…ever since i read each and everyone of them…i even added you to my facebook thingy!

  56. Happy friend’s day!!!!!!!!!
    to u too.

    and thanks for being there with your great cards.

    see u!!!!!



  57. DEAR BOB,


  59. it feels exciting to know each day different.in daily hectic schedule we often do not find time to know what exactly is the importance of day.but through your emails you keeps on reminding the various days accompanied with certain festive occassions.Today when i woke up after yesterdays late night work.i found my mobile phone with scores of missed calls.i could not find why actually so many called in the morning today.I guessed it may be a unusual day.and it came out so.i logged in and received your message that that today is very auspacious day.It is freindship day.Then i started up and decided to hang around my friends.i made calls to my friends.My friends found it very surprising that it is me who actually is aware of the occassion.i actually does to remember the various auspacious occassions and generally misses those occassions.but today it is me who made it.so i once again thanks you for such a reminder emails.
    with best regards.have a nice day.

  60. Hello Bob,
    First time that I got your newsletter was right in my box. I didn’t susbscribe and I was wondering if it was a spam mail. Though I had sent some ecards from 123Greetings to some friends. So I thought that might be how I got to receive your newsletter. Well, I do read them occasionally. You are doing a great job. Your newsletter is a great read anytime.


  61. Hi Bob,

    I’v no idea how I got your first mail, but one day I found a mail from you “editor Bob” I read it just my curiosity and than I kept it reading them until now. I’m very interested in sharing your stories and improving my English.

    Take Care!

  62. Hi bob, better keep on trying.Someone you had met before might come along..Wish you good luck!!
    I started getting your Newsletters about a year back. At first I didnt take much notice coz I was busy those days.When I had time, I read it & immediately loved it! I even sent it to my daughter saying that I’d like to share it with her. Was wonderful & hearwarming, like been with a friend! Many thanks..

  63. Hi, Bob dont give up on online dating yet. But here are some better tips that I have been using quite sucessfully and have been with my guy I met online a yr now. I have also had 2-3 longterms thru online.
    Talk and getting to know one another before meeting is the key! With every prospect, I at least emailed and chatted with them at least for a few weeks andg ot to know all about them and see most recent pics. This was time consuming but definitely worth it. Then I move on to phone conversations then finally meet ion person for a love match and a fantastic date wsith someone I already like and know a little. Communication is key.
    That’s what works besides chemistry of course.
    Good luck on your dating quests, and you seem like a really nice guy. you should do well.
    DAwn in Florida

  64. hay hey hay bob,

    i got a idea!
    why not take “minou” and “Minett” for a walk in a park. I’m sure you won’t see no “shark” only will hear them “bark”.

    I’m clapping my hands, tapping my feet, and rolling my tummy! i’m 69 years old, love your newsletters as always, at time i only want to make myself laugh my belly of like a 4 year old cuz life can be filled with stress, ank it?, and wanna put a smile on your face too, since & seems you’re not having much good time lately! that’s all! hope you don’t mind me!

    Cheer up Bob! why i said “take M & M” to the park? i said that because i read some story of yours about your friend having luck bringing “Kong” with him and found a date!

    Well! i’m only guessing! but wouldn’t hurt to give it a try! Good luck Bob!

    by the way, M & M are both female, not CANDY!

    smile bob!
    yes! smile!
    happy Sunday! (giggle giggle giggle!)
    PS: forgive me not if i have such terrible spellings and grammar, i didn’t go to school and only learn how to write eversince i started to receive your weekly newsletters!

    tnsahks bob,
    take care always, would you.

    your reader!
    oh es! least bt not last::::)even if you won’t find a cute chick out there in your reach, at least one day, i’m sure you will find a good true friend!

    (: oh ! oh! almost forgot to ask::::( those “Korean messagers” they’re shortie short, how short were they? were they as short as some AsN BK cat? — sorry bob! once i started yapping, i just couldn’t stop! and the more i talk! ok bob,ibetterseatdown and drink my beer opps my tea with honey = im mean!

    ok! stop here!

  65. Hi Bob.
    I regularly receive your newsletter – I live in South Africa – and I thoroughly enjoy it. I really think you must stop the online dating. You sound like such a nice guy I am sure you will meet the right girl at the right time. You have interesting friends. Enjoy their company and dont give up finding the special love one day.
    Thanks for the newsletters. Regards.

  66. Hi Bob,

    forget the computer dating. People come into our lives in the real world. Online dating is even more a case of trial and error IMO.

    People are everywhere, especially in a city.

    Enjoy the real world.

  67. Dear Bob,

    Although, online dating isn’t for everyone you should not give up… I met the man who changed my life on June 21, 2008 the day I got married… As some of the other writers said you have to get with a site where they can match you up with a person who has the same interests as you do. I’m NOT going to tell you that it will happen over night because we know everything happens with TIME…. I hope that you find the person that will sweep you off your feet:)

    As far as when I first got your newsletter I thought ok here’s some more junk mail but once I started reading I got addicted!!!!! Please don’t stop it keeps me going…

    Good luck with the newsletter and HAPPY DATING…


  68. Hi Bob,

    Online dating can be nice, but also very scary
    I met a few nice people, but it also gives love scammers a chance to use you for sending them money. I had two experiences with that with online dating. It made me feel angry and sick. But….I found my true love on a dating site. So….my advice to you if you feel right about it…go on with online dating, if you don’t just stop with it.
    Wish you a beautiful day full of joy and happiness!


  69. Dear Bob,

    When i first got your email I thought that it was a spam so I deleted it immediately, but once I opened it out of curioisity and read your really really beautiful newsletter. I look forward to receiving your newsletter everyweek an I enjoy reading what you write. I love reading about your parties, your sorrows, your joys and everything. I also love the way you write and sometimes I read your newsletters two or three times.
    I really appreciate yur beautiful way f writing. and I hope that you will soon find a great girlfriend to match your great personality.

  70. Hi Bob,
    About your double date you had, personally
    I think you should just leave the computer dating thing like you said “computer dating is fine if you are a computer”. I know you will find someone that you like. The big thing is a person cames into you life when you least expect.

  71. I did a lot of on-line dating when I had a small child and no other real way to meet people.

    I met some nice guys that became friends and some complete wackos.

    The love stories you hear about are far and few between. It does not work for most people. Even when it does – it is usually isn’t right away that you find this person. It is after many many bad dates from hell. Maybe at that point you are just worn down and anyone who isn’t crazy is acceptable.

    I used to argue with people about on line dating (defending it) but I have since learned that it is not the answer.

    When I quit caring and decided to just have fun with my life is when I met my true love. I know this has been said before and I never believed it. I even used to try to convince myself I was done in hopes of tricking karma but that didn’t work either. It wasn’t until I truly quit looking that I finally found love.

    Good luck!


  72. hey Bob,i dnt thnk u should give up online dating.it’s gr8 i guess(evn though i’ve neva tried it).u seem a nyc guy who’s got a good sense of humour.well,if u cnt gt ur cinderella,am always available.

  73. Dear Bob,
    you are very lucky to have a very nice, caring and understanding Boss. Donna is willing to take you to the Spa. This is call the first step changes in your life. Please let her know i love her words “Save the World”

    Hope you don’t mind i would like to suggest the next step to you. Get a Harley Davidson’s Bike, wear smart, tide up your hair (like Steven Seagul)and put on Ray Ban Sunglasses (like AlPacino). I had a feeling the girls around your neighborhood will hit the lamppost while looking at you 🙂 Don’t over do it, people might think you are Mafia. If you cut your hair shorter you might look like Brendan(movie actor – Mummy).

    If you are unhappy with online dating, don’t continue it. Who knows you might find a nice girl around your neighborhood?

    Have a nice day!

  74. Hi bob,
    my friend send a greeting card on the friendship day.At that time i think i am the luckiest person in the world because my friend treat me like that in her life.I like ur friendship stories bob.Be happy with ur friendship stories thanks for giving this opportunity
    Have a nice day

  75. Hi Bob,

    I do not have any experience with online dating and very little experience with standard dating as far as that goes so I do not have any advice in this area but in reading your letter about your date turning into a double date with Leo and Megan, I must say that they showed up just in time. I got the impression that your first reaction to Cathy was one of disdain, embarrassment and unease. Just think if Leo and Megan did not show up! I can understand you being upset about this if your opinion of Cathy were different, you might have even told Leo and Megan that dining together another time would be better….that the two of you just met and you would like to have a quiet dinner and to get to know each other better, instead you finished your meal “said a quiet good bye to Cathy and left.” Have you been in contact with Cathy since? Do you think you would have if Leo and Megan did not show up? I am just curious about this, others have responded to this situation negatively toward Leo, I just thought I would give some controversy to the popular opinion. Sorry if I seem negative but I thought seeing the flip side might help you get past this.


  76. Hi Bob,
    I´m from Germany and really enjoy reading your newsletter and blog and now I just have to make a comment.
    Please don´t get me wrong but could you explain what Megan sees in Leo? He seems to be a wealthy idiot with no manners.
    Why are you and Megan not together? You know her so well, you´ve been friends for so long… and you write about her with a very caring tone. And counting in that you seem to be the one she runs to when there is trouble in her life… Maybe you two should give it a try!
    Take care, Ilka

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