Good Friday Wishes For You And Your Family From Us.

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

I took a break and I am rejuvenated, fresh and raring to go. Ask me where I was? Well, I backpacked and took to the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing trip. And I went alone. It is on these kinds of trips, you tend to connect to your inner self. I am feeling good and I want you to feel good too. Don’t just laze around in the weekends, go out and be with yourself once in a while. That said let’s take a stroll and visit the events and emotions of the week.

Good Friday [Mar 29]

I wish for you the following:

I wish you find inner peace and be happy and cheerful.

I wish you find love in your love.

I wish Jesus guides you in all your actions and thoughts.

I wish you find the confidence to act up on your dreams and make them a reality.

I wish you stay healthy and there would never be a visit to the ER.

I wish your family and you stay close to each other and stand by each other through thick and thin.

I wish you believe in Him and thank Him for what you have and pray with all your heart.

Good Friday wishes from yours truly to all of you and your families.

Doctor’s Day [Mar 30]

Angels wear white. Doctors do too. There are quite a lot of similarities between the two. Selfless souls they are. And they have our wellness in their mind. Not many vocations preach this.

It is a thankless job mostly. As not many even give them a nod for the gesture. Today may be the day to do more than just that. You can send across the greeting cards that thank these noble souls on their day – Doctor’s Day.

No one deserves a pat more than these amazing people.

Make their day.


Aaliyah finds everything cute. Even in a ball game, she would call a home run cute. That’s how she is. She finds a baby cute and she finds a granny cute.

She would find me cute and the little pup cute too. She would find a teddy cute and any action or gesture by me cute.

I got annoyed and then realized that she has this child in her that sees the positive. She is looking for it, finding it and enjoying it. Wish I can do that. Wish more people can do that. This world will be a saner place then.


No discrimination in this world for this day. Everyone has it; has to have it. And they will celebrate it. This is the most beautiful day for any human being on this earth. It is a day we celebrate life.

There is a reason for every birth. And the reason is celebrated on every birthday. Yes, the amount of people around you on your day with a genuine wish gives you the reason for your existence.

It is not just about the cakes or candles, but the hearts that gravitate towards you with excitement and kindness in their eyes on your birthday and telling you what you have achieved so far. Keep that count increasing along with your age.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Doctor’s Day 2016 [Mar 30]

Send Doctor’s Day Greetings!
Send Doctor’s Day Greetings!

Cute Cards

Send Cute Greetings!
Send Cute Greetings!


Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!

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  1. Bob, Thank you for your heartfelt Easter wishes. May you be filled with a renewed trust and an answer for all your prayers. Happy Easter.

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