Smile And The World Will Smile With You!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Had a great weekend and I’m looking forward to an amazing week ahead… How about you guys? Enjoy every day on its merit. Soak in the pressure of a Monday and still smile and wait for the weekend with a grin. There is always a reward for your patience. Remember, you wait 6 days and I come to you with a newsletter. I hope that is not a curse, but a pleasant expectation. I missed you all and I hope you did too. That said, let us walk through the week and see what we have in store.

Smile Rejuvenation Day [Mar 20]

Not many know that happiness can be found inside. Yes, inside the soul. Do you know how to identify it? Watch the mirror and see your eyes smile. When the lips part for a smile it is usually an action, but when the eyes do, it is subconscious, it is true. It is pure. Such is the smile of a love struck Romeo or Juliet. That is how I feel when I write for you.

There is genuine happiness in doing things you love the most. I hope your eyes smile when you read my newsletters. Wish you well, folks. And be sure to smile a lot after all Smile Rejuvenation Day isn’t far.

Cuddly Kitten Day [Mar 23]

Two people in this world are hugged the most.

And usually the urge to hug the most is towards a cuddle-worthy cuddly kitten. And if you were embarrassed to hug it before or thought twice then here is your excuse.Cuddly Kitten Day is here and you can throw caution to the wind and jus’ go and hug. While you are at it, feed them their favorite milk or cereal and then spend some time with them. Even plants grow healthy when you talk to them or if there is music around them.

These cuddly cute kittens just don’t need your exclamation at their cuteness and food, but your love.


Beautiful romantic moments don’t happen when the couple is alone all by themselves, but when they are in a crowd. Yes, I am right. When you are in a crowd of people, but seek your beloved is when the romantic moment happens. A subtle touch of her finger on your finger, a half-eyed look at you when no one is watching and a sly smile at the corner of the lips just for you. This sneaking and serving of cute gestures is what makes a romance a beautiful one.

If you haven’t done this yet, and think you are too sophisticated for such, then you are missing out on amazing moments that romance has to offer. Go for it; make your sweetheart feel special.


Who says wooing stops once you exchange rings?

You have to profess your love each and every day. You got to reassure, remind and look forward every single moment. There is no break time in love. Love is 24×7, 365 days. All through the year. And doesn’t expire even when you do.

It stays. Wedding is a bond that is built on love. You don’t outgrow love to get wed, but you just give your love a different name and you consolidate your commitment with this beautiful bond.

Fall in love. Every single day… Again and again.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Cuddly Kitten Day 2016 [Mar 23]

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Send Cuddly Kitten Day Greetings!


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5 thoughts on “Smile And The World Will Smile With You!

  1. B., I always smile when reading your letters and blogs. It is an enormous treat to receive your newsletters in my mailbox each week. I look forward. Sometimes I can’t read them right away as I have many daily tasks at hand. And believe me, they can be neverending daily things I have to tend to. But I do make time by week’s end to read your stories. You are special and I want you to know that what you create is vital to me and is thought about each time you have posted a newsletter or blog. Over the years, you, your famil and friends have become so familiar to me. What you write and especially how you write it fills me with great happiness. So sending you much love and appreciation in all you do. L.

  2. You write such lovely and inspiring newsletters, Bob – I absolutely LOVE reading them! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy them, especially this one. Keep up the good work cause I love smiling when I read them.

  3. You write such lovely and inspiring newsletters, Bob – I absolutely LOVE reading them! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy them, especially this one….thanks so much.

  4. Bob, After reading your newsletter about the impact of a smile my mind is filled with the lyrics from the song Smile….though your heart is aching, smile even though it’s breaking…It addresses the importance of a smile even when you are sad and how it can help get you through to a happier time. Smiles are important and yes your newsletter does make me smile. Thanks for the memory.

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