Fall In Love And Smile A Lot!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Amazing week went by us and we are looking at repeating the same this week. Happiness is the only thing that doesn’t get boring if it repeats! It is like love. You can have the same feeling day after day, but we never complain. I am sure you guys would agree with me on that. You better be, because we are going to talk a little romance and then some laughter along with family matter and why we should keep in touch.

Great Lovers Day [Apr 2]

Love is what keeps me alive. And my love is Aaliyah. There is a purpose in everyone’s life and to find that purpose is the tough part. Once you have done that, your life becomes meaningful and you look forward to each day of your life.

My purpose in life is Aaliyah.

And I know I can’t live without her. How can a stranger who was born and brought up away from my eyes, my whole life, can walk into my life and make it her own?

I happily succumbed to her charms. This is the beauty of life.

Love is all there is. Give yourself to the one you love.

Happy Great Lovers Day!

Laugh Week [Apr 1-7]

This sure is a week to laugh your troubles away. Yes. Laugh Week is here to remind us all to see the positive side of life. Amidst the daily trial and tribulations that one has to face and the money and materialistic things we have to chase, we forget to smile once in a while.

Such a scenario should never be a fixture and to break this monotony God introduced smile.

Practice it and pass it on.

It is always a pleasure to watch someone laugh without any inhibitions. There are those sophisticated smiles, grins and a little of this and that, but a roaring laughter is the one I would ask you to go for.

Enjoy your laugh. The societal manners be damned.

It’s your life.


Did you call your parents this week?

Did you mail a greeting card to your siblings this week? Did you text a message if your cousins are doing good?

Have you touched base with those uncles and aunts who nurtured and cared for you in childhood?

If you haven’t done any of the above, then you are doing something seriously bad. Do all of the above and feel at peace. Family is everything, don’t forget that.

Stay In Touch

The reason I stress about staying in touch with your folks and well wishers is that it means a lot to them and your care for them transforms their day to day life. You may not understand the power of a one-minute phone call that you make until you receive one from a friend whom you thought has moved on and has nothing to do with you.

Such sweet surprises bring happiness to the daily life of an individual.

Keep in touch.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Laugh Week 2016 [Apr 1 – 7]

Send Laugh Week Greetings!
Send Laugh Week Greetings!


Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

Stay in Touch

Send Stay In Touch Greetings!
Send Stay In Touch Greetings!

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