Find Your Purpose!

Last Saturday Alan and I were sitting together in Mrs. Bradley’s garden after planting saplings for Earth Day. It’s time to invest in our planet and after we were done we sat together to enjoy chilled lime juice. We were having a great conversation and one of the topics that we spoke about was interesting. Let me share it with you!

While taking the second last sip of his drink, Alan said, “Bob, I am doing well and have banked on good projects. But, even though things are fine, I don’t feel content. I always feel as if something is missing and I honestly don’t know how to go about this feeling!”

“You know when I was in high school I always knew that I wanted to reach out to people through my words. I wanted to touch hearts and emotionally be there for the people around me. I decided to be a writer and when I landed on this job of writing, I knew that this was my purpose. I would stay happy like this! In your case, I feel that you are lacking a purpose,” I replied.

“Well, then how do I know what my purpose is?” He asked.

“It’s something that your heart wants to do for the greater good. It is not just restricted to a job, income, or routine. In my case, I was lucky to have a job like this! But, it can be charity work, doing something good for society, motivating youngsters, exploring new places and cultures and telling people about it and the like. There will be an inner calling to do that!” I said.

“Wow! I had never thought along these lines. Maybe I should start thinking of my purpose in life,” He replied.

“Find your purpose! It will genuinely make you happy and you will not feel empty. Take time and connect with yourself. You will get the answer and know that we all are here with a purpose!” I replied.

“I will surely do that, Bob! Thanks!” He replied and then we went to his place and had a nice breakfast.

Having a purpose in life helps us to understand ourselves better and remain true to our core values. It helps us to look beyond the materialistic world and find true happiness. We stay rooted in our authentic selves which gives us a sense of ease and effortless commitment. Overall, we feel complete and live a fulfilling life!

Have you discovered your purpose yet? Let me know!


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