A Go-Getter With A Heart Full Of Gratitude!

Last evening I was sitting on the couch while Aaliyah was getting ready. Her work has been recognized by everyone and is making noise for all the right reasons. She is going to give a motivational speech next week and share her journey. I was feeling extremely proud. Our friends were coming over to celebrate this success!

When I look at her I feel so grateful to have her as a partner. As a couple, we have always pushed one another to do better. We both believe in working at things that will be for our highest good. However, there is one thing about Aaliyah which overshadows every grim situation or challenging time.

She has an undaunted spirit! The passion in her heart and the determination in her eyes shine amidst every odd. Working hard, capitalizing on her strengths, and keeping no room for negativity has always been her key to achieving success. Rooted in her beliefs, she is a go-getter in the true sense. Something we all look up to and try to imbibe.

The doorbell rang and everyone was here! Aaliyah walked out of the room wearing a turquoise dress, looking beautiful as usual. Everyone hugged and congratulated her. The evening was filled with music, dance, good food, and great cocktails. We all were so happy!

Just when everyone was about to leave, Aaliyah turned off the music and said, “While I know hard work, determination and consistency have no substitutes, I also believe that people who genuinely love and care bring out the best in us. Having people who enjoy your success is a blessing. Thanks for all your love and encouragement!” Then she handed over handwritten notes with cookies to everyone.

As we read our respective notes, our eyes went moist. That is Aaliyah for us! Someone who is not only a go-getter but someone who knows how to be grateful and rooted in the real blessings of life. We all had a big group hug and took a group picture.

Later on, when everyone had left we both were having one more glass of cocktail. “I could not have asked for more, the appreciation and so much love from everyone. A simple yet heartfelt evening!” She expressed. I smiled and with the star of the evening, I watched the stars from the balcony till we finished our drinks.

The taste of success indeed gets sweeter when we embrace it with gratitude!


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