Bring Out The Part Of You That Is Missing

I visited Liz last afternoon to invite her for an Easter get-together that will be happening at my place. She had made an amazing lunch and as we talked I could see that Liz was a little disturbed and seemed a little off.

“What is the matter, Liz? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Ever since I fractured my leg five months back, things have been rough. My online business of acrylic paintings, the day-to-day chores and every other thing has been challenging. Now, finally that I can walk properly and am a lot better, I still don’t feel good internally,” She replied.

“Why don’t you feel good?” I asked.

“It’s because I feel that I simply wake up to do the things. Life has gotten so mechanical that I am not enjoying it. I don’t know how to come out of this feeling and loop!” She expressed with a sigh.

“You will never enjoy or be able to live every day till you bring out the part that is missing in you!” I said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You were someone who liked taking breaks, loved exploring and trying out new hobbies and recipes, and incorporating the new learnings in your paintings and day-to-day life. Someone who was the heart of the party and the favorite one in the family. Someone who was so chirpy and talkative that no one else got the chance to speak in the group. Also, someone whose eyes would shine the brightest when she smiled,” I replied.

“Yes, I know what you are talking about! I miss that person in me,” She replied.

“Bring her out again! That version of you keeps you happy. Look I know a lot has been happening off late and things are not easy but you have to come out of this. There is nothing more important than being genuinely happy. Otherwise, you would be simply existing and not living,” I expressed.

Listening to this she gave me a hug. Her eyes got moist and as she replied, “Oh, Bob! You are so right. I should start living like I used to! Thanks for telling me where I was going wrong.”

‘Now, start living once again!” I said. “I will!” She replied and then we had a wonderful afternoon together.

Day-to-day challenges and chores often get overwhelming. So much so that it gets the better of us and we feel burdened and are unable to come out of the loop. We lose ourselves in the process. It’s very important to take a break, connect to our inner self, and live the way we want. It keeps us genuinely happy and we look forward to each day.

This Easter bring out that part that is missing! Happy Easter, everyone!


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