Discover The Island Of Hope In The Sea Of Inner Mayhem!

Megan’s mail left me beaming. The explorer in her is not just unraveling the beauty of Europe but discovering a new island of hope and positivity in the sea of inner mayhem. Like Columbus’s quest led him to discover the American nation, despite the hardships he never gave up and decided to set sail in the seamless, fearsome ocean when he had a vision of paradise. My friend, Megan who never ever stepped out of her cocoon decided to be a lone backpacker and journey through the continent of Europe with the dream of rediscovering herself.

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I am writing to you from the city of surprises, Amsterdam, I also visited the vibrant Keukenhof, the beautiful tulip gardens and remembered you when I saw the smiling flowers.

Yesterday a strange thing happened when I was collecting souvenirs from a small shop in Holland. Out of excitement I dropped the Dutch windmill souvenir. It shattered to pieces just as I stepped out of the shop. I was disheartened as it was an expensive piece I had bought after a lot of thought. With watery eyes I collected the pieces and threw it in the bin outside the shop.

I was being observed by the salesman and he approached me and said, “Madame, please don’t feel so disappointed, it was just an accident, I will replace it for you.” I said, “Thanks for your concern but I can’t afford to buy another one.” He replied with serenity, “You don’t need to pay again, it is gratis.” It was an awesome experience, my heart overwhelmed with gratefulness. It was a rare and exemplary customer service. My face lit up with a brilliant smile mirroring his and he said cheerfully, “You go girl!

Being here alone has taught me many things about life and people. I am not only appreciating the panoramic landscapes but I have learnt a lot about kindness, gratitude and hospitality which is invaluable.

As I cruise through the canal enjoying a rarefied view of the splendors of the magnificent city of Amsterdam, my soul’s perpetual thirst is satiated and bliss envelopes me.


If your heart is grateful, you have successfully paved a way for goodness to fill your life and lives of your nearest and dearest ones.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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