Message On Overcoming Addiction From Jas Jasmuheen, Who Lives On Light For Over Two Decades!

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Perched on a chair in the corner of the auditorium she listened with grave interest to the young leaders and light workers, as she calls them, delivering eloquent speeches of peace and harmony. I was drawn to her calm countenance. I could not take away my eyes from her radiant face which has a youthful glow and sparkling eyes challenging the fact that she is in her 60s. Jas Jasmuheen, a loving wife, a doting mother and an affectionate grandmother, is the ambassador for the embassy of peace, president of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists and has authored 38 books in 18 different languages, travelled across the globe to over 33 countries for over 20 years spreading the message of love and light, working with tribal cultures in Columbia, the Amazons and the slums in Brazil. She has presented her work at the UN in Vienna. The most remarkable feat which left me in awe is the fact that she lives on pure love and light vibrations and has no need for consuming any physical food. For over two decades she hasn’t eaten a single morsel of physical food. Is that real? I was curious and so I decided to approach her.

She practices meditation and breathes life giving nourishment from the divine resources which are available to human kind but have not yet been completely explored by the masses.

I walked up to her. In my conversation with this angelic being I gathered some useful information for overcoming cravings, temptations, addictions to substance, emotions and people.

Her smooth voice was like echoes of the church bells ringing melodiously and synchronously in my ears. Her saintly appearance and the loving warmth around her made me feel like I was in the presence of the ethereal Mother Mary.

She invited me gracefully and informed me about the book, The True Beloved, which she is currently writing. She said, “This is a real issue which brings in a lot of suffering. I have worked with people who have drug addiction and so on, it always happens with people who have an intuitive knowing that there is something grand, something magnificent and they can’t find it in this world, they are often sensitive like the artists, the musicians, the poets. Once you pick up energy which is really beautiful, the world appears to be almost too harsh for them so this exploration of chemical substances or sometimes even natural substances is just the seeker within them looking for nourishment. So to me it is so important to have a good holistic lifestyle and educational program that allows them to come back to the one thing which is perfect to be addicted to and that is divine love frequency we carry within and which has no negative ramifications.

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We are too dependent on external love affair or the eternal search for our true beloved and set up so many expectations from each other that we end up in disappointments. It’s only when we come back to the true beloved within, is when all our hungers are taken away. We vibrate in such a different way that even though we enjoy, love and treasure every moment of our relationship we are no longer dependent on the perfect soul mate because we are fulfilled within ourselves. We see life through the eyes of our essence and acknowledge beauty and perfection in everybody and need nothing from them. We are able to see the much bigger reality rather than being locked into viewing life through human eyes and human conditioning where we often see the plane of duality, the good, the bad, the light, the dark, the injustice, the glory.

The sensitive beings are now tired of seeing the dual natured world and they long for something else. They are emotionally and spiritually hungry and something is calling them. They know there is more. The Hollywood embeds the need for the perfect partner, car, mansion, job which will make us happy but even when you’ve got it all the heart yearns for more because the truth is, there is so much more. It’s our birth right to know more and discover the happiness we so deserve.

When we are ready and open we receive.

Unfortunately, when people are spiritually, emotionally, mentally hungry, they are not getting the divine nourishment, they look for it in mind altering substances like if it’s a stressful day, there is this alcohol which relaxes them a little more. We can play with all these substances but they’ll never deliver us true nourishment at all levels.”

I was thinking how true she is , we all like to cling to things, to let go of one we hold on to the other, never ever free and complete within ourselves.

She continued, “My friend, who is experimenting with heroin addicts in France, takes them deep into the woods and let them be by themselves in silence, near the nature with a sacred plan. There are no chemical substances, it is a shaman way of working with them and in a short time they see the truth of who they are and drop the addiction just like that. He has an 85% success rate with heroin addicts, so there are many new ways of dealing with human hunger in the world and I really know that when human heart and soul is ready to blossom and the people say, ‘I am done! I just can’t do this anymore, I can’t live like this anymore’ then because we live in an infinitely loving field of sweetness, compassion and intelligence which exists in our little cells, we are lead to the right people, right places, right circumstances so that we can find the true source of nourishment within.

Have you noticed when we take certain foods we immediately bloat? As cosmic energy is already feeding us we do not need to stuff ourselves with excessive food rather we must communicate with the body and give it as much as it needs.

Don’t eat habitually. Live naturally and organically as much as possible. Meditation, calmness, compassion, kindness, prayer, love, lighter diet and silence will help in aligning you with your true nature and then the extraneous will drop.

The journey of transformation has already begun all we need is a deeper experience of truth and openheartedness which is happening. We see refugees fleeing all around the world, people are gathering and stating to the government to open up borders as these people have lost everything and they need homes to survive. It is stimulating compassion and the removal of borders in our world and we are coming up as one people living in harmony on one planet. It is all happening naturally.

I have learnt one greatest thing in life is to ask when you are deep down in the depths of any addiction or anything you feel is disharmonious in your life, just sit quietly and say,‘I  n e e d  h e l p!’ And help will come your way, it may be in the form of your angelic mother-in law,” I heard some chuckles in the room as Jas laughed sweetly and continued, “help comes when you surrender.”

She recalled that in Australia there was a story of a woman whose son was addicted to crystal meth, a heavy drug, bad chemical and out of great love she talked to him and they built a prison in their home where they put massive bars and locked him in the home prison until he broke the chemical addiction through heavy detox and withdrawal symptoms included raging and trying to get out, people wanted to report it as human rights deprivation, they were going to jail the mother, when they talked to the son he said, ‘my mother is doing this for me and for my greatest good, I want to be free and I need her to help me , I am nearly there so leave us alone,’ while some people were against the mother , many mothers from different parts of the country started calling this woman to help them with their children.

Pure love gives the nourishment and strength we need to break through the weakness and shine forth in the light. The hunger, the cravings and the craze will soon dissolve in the shimmering cosmic light and you will be set free.”

I am still absorbing and still reflecting upon her words and I invite you to contemplate on this higher learning along with me. It was the best interaction I’ve ever had and it was truly liberating. Indeed, it was the Sweetest Day of my life.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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