Weave The Magic of Autumn!

Mamma, when are you coming back? Uncle Bob and dad are really funny especially when they are trying to make us sleep, they play music played at the gym and show us funny animal videos and laugh more than us, dad fell off the bed laughing the other day and when they are reading a story to us, they doze off before us. We miss you!

Megan opened her mailbox to this heartwarming message from her angelic daughters last night. There was no way I could save face when she called me for fresh set of instructions. I mean spending the day with the kids was perfect but how on earth do kids fall asleep is a secret only mothers know of.

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“We have a plan to take the kids at the Kite Flying Festival at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in the coming weekend.” I informed her and she sounded a little relieved. Fall is a special time, the weather is pleasant. It’s a time when the sweltering heat lessens and cool wind blows away the stress reviving the vibrant spirit of the New Yorkers.

Megan is in the heaven of Europe, Belgium which is all about love, antiquity, food and chocolates. She was all excited when she was telling us about the rustic feel of the otherwise cosmopolitan country. She is cycling around Brussels. She came across the kaleidoscope of diverse cultures. “The breathtaking view in the cool and damp weather marking the last days of summer left me speechless.” She said.

“I began at the colossal Grand Place at the heart of the city, the historical central square, a magnificent diadem of guildhouses and ornate civic buildings. I visited the 19th century Maison du Roi houses to see the collection of costumes made for the Manneken Pis. The quirky bronze statue of the little boy was extremely amusing. Belgium is known for its diamonds, especially in Antwerp. I went past countless diamond merchants as I moved on from the train station to the center of the town-hall and stopped by to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. As I stood in the queue I noticed an elderly woman tourist who looked extremely distressed as though she was hit by a storm. I approached her and learnt she had been pick-pocketed in the train. I gave her some francs to make a phone call and travel to her friend’s place in Bruges. She was very grateful. It felt good. Gratitude is the perfect win-win.”

Megan was confident and had completely recovered from the blues. I was glad for my friend. That night I decided to recount the tales of autumn from my childhood to the kids, the way I made hills out of dry leaves and sat amid the tall grass, the soothing scent of foliage suffused with the flowers filling my nostrils, the ants crawling on my feet and the friends calling out my name. Everything was magical and new in those days. The ginger toned sky thrilling me as I could play outdoors unlike the other seasons. I went on and on until I realized the two little angels had fallen asleep on my arms. I tucked them in and triumphantly smiled to myself.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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