5 Essential Things To Do In The Graduation Month!


The weather in the Big Apple is rainy and cold with sun peeping through the clouds in the late afternoon. April Showers are preparing to bring the radiant May Flowers.

May is the month of graduation and even though it is a time for celebrations but it can also be a time of confusion for many students.

I sat with Emily and she was super excited and at the same time nervous about her onward journey in the world away from her campus and friends.

I listened to her speak endlessly about everything that was bothering her, I realized that she is trying to cope up with change and she is overwhelmed by the career issues, unpredictable future, emotional transitions and is dealing with lot of insecurities.

I asked her about how well was she prepared for a new job or internship? Who is her mentor? What is it that she is not too confident about? What makes her emotional at this point of time and how is she planning to deal with that? What is her biggest fear?

“Hold on Uncle Bob! That is like an avalanche of questions I haven’t thought much about. The only thing I am sure of is about my mentors and they are my Mom and you.” Donna, my dear friend and Emily’s dedicated and loving mother looked at us from the kitchen counter and smiled. She brought in cups of hot joe with cinnamon cookies. The joyful aroma spread in the living room.

Emily certainly felt at ease and listened calmly to the 5 most essential things to do in the Graduation Month.

  1. Draft an impressive resume with all your key skills keeping in mind your area of interests. Visualize the kind of job you want to get, do a thorough research and make your profile suitable for that.
  2. Upgrade your skills to suit your dream job.
  3. While you are at the campus, strengthen your bond with your friends, celebrate together and support each other to identify their interests, skills and talents. Enjoy the Hug Holiday Week. Hug your friends and let them know how special they are. Sit around the bonfire, dance and sing and create memories for yourselves.
  4. Accept your fear of change and emotions. Let them flow. Express yourself. Make a plan to stay in touch with your closest buddies. Create your support circle and you will swim smoothly through the transition.
  5. Sit down with your mentor and charter a path for yourself. Get letters of recommendation and enjoy the journey.

Emily was relieved. She added enthusiastically, “and Mom, please add shopping for the perfect interview outfit and writing my most amazing graduation speech to the list.” We all chuckled happily.

I wished her luck while sending Aaliyah an invite for Cinco De Mayo festival with Mexican food and lot of margaritas for the night on the phone. Her response came almost immediately, “Where? Let’s Go!” I blushed and dialed her number while Emily teased me.

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