Creative Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s time to find the perfect gift to show mom how much we care. Unfortunately, this task is no easy feat and we often end up resorting to the time-honored homemade card or chore booklets. While most moms will appreciate any gift and enjoy the thought behind it, we need to challenge ourselves to find the perfect gift for mom this year. After all, she has been there to wipe our tears, offer band aids when needed, give hugs on days we were down, taught us to tie or shoes, made sure we had food and clean clothes, and the list goes on and on. So, it’s no secret that our moms deserve to be spoiled every now and then- even if it is only one day a year.

To help you find a gift sure to impress, listed below is the ultimate list of creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

Find her a digital personal assistant.

A creative gift for Mother’s Day is the gift of a virtual personal assistant device. Gift her some commonly available smart voice-controlled speakers for controlling the smart-home gears. Any busy mom will enjoy how these small devices conveniently link her devices and utilities so she can simply use her voice to get reminders, check her calendar, turn on the lights, check the weather, start a playlist, listen to the news, order products and so much more.

Show her how much she means to you with a priceless piece of jewelry.

Add a personal touch to mom’s jewelry collection by giving her a unique ring, necklace or a pair of earrings that feature gemstones from each child’s birth month. You can also take this one step farther and recreate heirloom pieces or design a piece of jewelry using a 3D printer.

When in doubt, go with flowers.

Flowers are a traditional go to gift for Mother’s Day but they don’t have to be boring. Head to your local greenhouse and craft her a fairy garden, herb container garden or design a hanging basket made with her favorite blooms. You can also order bouquets online or from a florist to brighten her day.

Snap up the perfect gift with a new digital camera.

Granted, digital cameras have been on the scene for quite a few years now and most of our phones come equipped with one on board but these cameras often lack the high definition or good resolution that allow us to capture amazing pictures. Allow mom to take quality snapshots by giving her a new digital camera so she can cherish today’s moments for years to come. Look for a DSLR (a digital single-lens reflex) camera that offers better resolutions, quality images and features that are easier to use than ever. Just remember to include mom in a few of the pictures, also!

Order “sweets for the sweet”.

Take some good old-fashioned advice from Shakespeare and treat mom to some food delicacies. You can order chocolate covered strawberries, candies, fruit arrangements, steaks, gourmet dinner kits and more online. Mom will love the gift and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it.

Light up her day with a light bulb speaker.

Light bulb speakers are a fun, affordable and unique gift that allows mom to adjust the lighting of the room turning it into a dance party or a soothing oasis while Bluetooth technology lets her play her favorite music or podcasts.

Wrap up wireless headphones.

Obviously, moms have to keep a lot of plates spinning every day and would appreciate keeping their hands free for more important tasks like finishing their to-do lists or giving plenty of hugs without getting tangled in wires or juggling their phones. Make this a reality by gifting a quality set of wireless headphones to make her days flow a little smoother.

Give her time with a smartwatch.

Older smartwatches were a bit bulky and not very stylish but that’s not the case today. This year, give mom a fashionable and practical smartwatch that has been crafted especially for women. This handy device will allow mom to combine her smartphone and gadgets into a convenient and wearable device to help her manage and save time during the day.

Send her a personalized online greeting card.

Find the perfect online greeting for her. She deserves to be honored and embraced with words of gratitude, love and gladness.

What creative gift ideas for mom can you share?

~By Naomi Shaw~

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