Easter Is A Time To Take A Pilgrimage To Your Heart!

So many times we experience a fork on the road and juggle with multiple ways and means to arrive at our chartered destination. What we choose defines our character. Our character defines the quality of life we lead.

Today when I read in the papers about the suicidal terrorist’s aircraft I was dismayed, so many casualties, so many victims of vices. Strolling with Fred, a Vietnam War era veteran, last evening post work I learnt about the heroes of U.S. Air Force who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The only difference in both the situations is the intention.

Easter is a time to take a pilgrimage to your heart and observe the vices lurking within which lead to dearth. It’s time to resurrect from our own inner deluge and emerge in the likeness of God.

Easter time is a good time to embrace virtues. In the end it is all about choices, isn’t it? You become the perpetrator or savior. You can harm or heal, you can hate or love.

Check yourself today in the little moments of decisions you take, are you ecological? Are you choosing love above all?

Happy Easter and Great Lover’s Day! Love is never enough so let it overflow; it is the right time to express and rise in its warmth.

April 5, 2015

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Send Easter Ecard!

Great Lovers Day,
April 2, 2015

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Mar 20 – Jun 20, 2015

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