It Was Indeed A God Moment!

Finally, the grey winter has given way to the warm and colorful springtime. There’s plenty to celebrate this month with Passover, Easter giving us an opportunity to renew ourselves and our relationships and enjoy the magic of spring scattering its pastel hues all around.

Baskets full of Easter eggs painted in soft lavender, sunny orange, lovely lilac and effervescent green and hearts full of joy, dreams and renewed hope, Easter is a time to fill in your empty cups.

Adrian’s mom was admitted to the intensive care unit for a massive cardiac arrest last week. Being a close friend of his I wanted to comfort him. He kept praying and recounting the memories of his mom as we sat outside the ICU. “She makes the best apple pie in the world, Bob… I was so engrossed in work lately that I kept postponing my visits to her.” I could see he was suffering with guilt and repentance. I prayed to God to give him another chance with his mother. I knew she will revive because something was unfinished. No matter how difficult it may seem, God will always finish what He started. Next morning, she smiled through her oxygen mask and squeezed his hands. It was indeed a God moment.

On Friday Christ was crucified, it seemed like the end but on Sunday He reemerged. The graves could not hold Him and death could not engulf Him, He came back to finish His purpose. He puts a dream in your heart, be it finding your soul mate, starting a new business, living in abundance, God already has a completion day for it. No matter how grave you feel, you will resurface.

Don’t postpone what’s important for you and never abort a dream. Know that Sunday is coming. Emerge from the darkness and Believe.

April 5, 2015

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April 3, 2015 – April 11, 2015

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Good Friday,
April 3, 2015

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