The Lesson From My Dad That Changed My Life

My Dad would always say one thing when I was young and unsure about things, “Believe in what you are doing else don’t even attempt it. If your decisions and actions aren’t backed by faith you are never going to arrive.” I used to get annoyed and turn to my mom and she would reply in my defense, “atleast he is trying.”

Dad smirked and denied the existence of the word try. As a child I would actually dig in the dictionary to show daddy that this word exists but he would deny it invariably.

Today, I feel this belief of his, has been my strength. Either I do it or I don’t, I never hang on to something. From personal life to work decisions whatever I do is based upon one thing, my trust on my choices.

I remember my friends from the university, Bill and Joe, who were both visionaries. The only difference being Bill was the one who had the ‘go-for-it’ attitude and a strong belief whereas Joe had the ‘Let’s-try’ approach. He procrastinated and waited for some perfect timing before he would put his shoulder to the wheel and decide upon his course of action.

As a result, today Bill has a handsome salary, splendid home, beautiful wife and two great children and Joe, divorced twice, has changed several jobs and is still waiting for that impeccable moment when he will make it.

I am sure he will arrive but he has to let his feedbacks become the steps, in the ladder of success. He has to take-off and face the pelican in the eye.

When we get past the moments of indecision and setbacks and stand in our own truth we find ourselves at the table of abundance.

Procrastination is a result of indecisiveness. You don’t stay in the same place and that’s important in the course of life. Stagnancy can lead to decaying of your most cherished dream.

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Lately, dad has developed knee problems. One day we were visiting the church and he was unsure about climbing the few stairs that lay before him whereas the doctor had recommended him otherwise. I insisted him to move on, when he looked sheepishly at mom and she habitually said in his defence, “Bob, he’s trying.” Peals of laughter broke out and my dad decided to take one step at a time.

It’s almost Father’s Day, and we want to send our best wishes to all dads on their special day!

Happy and Cheerful Father’s Day!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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