As I Say Yes To Life, Life Says Yes To Me

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

Donna looked into the mirror and stared in disbelief as she traced the lines formed on her face. She is in her early forties and has brought up two beautiful children all by herself. She is strong when it comes to matters of survival but a weak link in matters of love. Hurt once she never gave herself a fair chance to experience the rapture again. She gave up on love and herself so soon that it sped up the aging process.

She said, “Bob, the other day Daniel in my office asked me to be at the Summer Carnival with him, it’s going to be fun with decorated canopy of red roses, live jazz music and loads of entertainment. But I feel unprepared and diffident.”

I sat their looking at my friend in distress, just then Emily and Ethan her two teenaged children entered the room and sneaked a kiss on their mother’s wrinkled cheeks. Emily handed her a gift pack. She unwrapped the gift; her eyes welled up with tears of joy. She was holding in her hands a beautiful cocktail dress with tiny silk roses embroidered on the sleeves and with that was the anti-aging potion, Brilliant Skin, she smiled and looked younger already.

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At the carnival, me and Aaliyah joined Donna and her friend. Donna looked bright and her skin was rejuvenated, the magic potion had worked wondrously on her skin but more than that the reassurance she got from her friends, her kids, shone on her gleaming face.

The evening flew by dancing, singing, relishing the delectable chicken, sparkling rose wine and breathtaking, fragrant flower domes. I avowed my love for Aaliyah and she blushed crimson. Donna was beaming with happiness in the arms of Daniel and it felt good to see her say yes to life.

We bunked with her for the night. I saw her beholding herself in the mirror once again; only this time instead of disapproving herself she stroked her face with love and appreciation. She looked radiant with her newfound joy and confidence.

Let the wrinkles on your skin never shrink your heart. Wear a smile. It’s the best facelift ever.

Say yes to life!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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