World Hello Day, Cake Day And Thanksgiving Greetings!

World Hello Day is on November 21. On this day make sure you say hello to at least ten strangers to commemorate preserving peace and keeping open communication. Putting a smile on a stranger’s face and spreading the wealth of happiness – this is what World Hello Day is all about, isn’t it?

Happiness brings thoughts of Love. They say spring is the time for blossoming romance but the real truth is that winter is the perfect time. A perfect time for rosy cheeks, cuddling next to a warm fire and sharing hot chocolate on a snowy night. The start of a warm love can be found next to a crackling fire and the silence of a deep snowfall.

Being kept indoors can be a bummer so find something sweet to make together this winter. Baking is fun for everyone. You may bake a cake and eat it too on Cake Day. Find the perfect combination of sweet decadent chocolate or try something unique like a lemon cake with a blackberry cream frosting. On this Cake Day the possibilities are endless and so should be the cake. Check out your local bakery and never feel guilty for indulging in sweet holiday pleasures. Pumpkin flavored anything comes but once a year (and stays for a few months), try a pumpkin cake!


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Cake Day
November 26, 2014

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Send Cake Day Ecard!

November 27, 2014

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Send Thanksgiving Ecard!

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