Wish You a Very Happy Fourth of July!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

How have you been doin’ all? Wake up from the slumber of a weekend and smell some coffee. We have some exciting days ahead. Special days ahead people. Come to think of it… I love being alive everyday… Every day on this earth, is a cause for celebration. The journey between birth and death is punctuated with beautiful moments. I am happy to bring you the best of those moments to you… Let’s see what we have for the week, my dear folks. Walk along.

Happy Fourth of July [Jul 4]

Feeling patriotic, huh?! Fourth day of this month is a special day. You get to party? Right? Nah! That’s not that… It’s a bit more special. We sermon the world on freedom and that’s for a reason. We love the idea of freedom and the independence to an individual within a set of fair rules to do what he likes without any inhibition or prohibition.

We may have a sound economy or an economy at slide, we may have poverty or riches, we may be this or that… But we are free. We are proudly independent. And we would celebrate that in a big way…

To everyone who wishes to breathe in free air and for those who are proud to be Americans, let me wish you a very Happy Fourth of July.

For Loved Ones [Jul 4]

Love is not an option. It is the reason for our existence.

You know whom you should share the most beautiful moments in your life?

With those who you love. It could be your family or it could be your friends. And for an occasion as good as this day of independence, the celebration has to be with yourloved ones.

Marital bonding, paternal love, kids camaraderie and friendship love. There are quite a number of equations that come into play on a good moment. The purpose of celebration is enjoyment and I as a person love it with my little gang that I treasure. We love hanging out on days that matter and make most of the day.

I hope you do too.

Fireworks [Jul 4]

What’s a celebration without announcing to the sky up there that we are having fun?

Hence, the fireworks!

We Americans love to see the light even in the night!

Isn’t that freedom all about?

Kids love the fireworks. Elderly do too and so does the younger ones. There isn’t a soul who doesn’t like those magical glittering lights and sound in the sky and on the reflection of the water body. It is a sight to behold and in that reflection you could see silhouettes of fellow revelers having fun to the hilt.

It is beautiful to see happy people and it is overwhelming emotionally to see so many of them at the same time.

Canada Day [Jul 1]

Happy Birthday Canada!

The day to contemplate new beginnings and a day to reflect on the accumulated glory. It is such a day when modesty is not exactly needed. A country as rich in culture and heritage as Canada doesn’t deserve to be modest anyway!

Time to pop the cork and let your hair down on a wonderful day. We do two things to celebrate…

Let our hair down like no one can… And rest lazily through the day like no one else.

We are the extremes when we have fun and we do it our way!

Happy Canada Day!

One note to you all… Have fun, but be safe.

Take care,

Editor Bob

4th of July 2016 [Jul 4]

Send Happy Fourth of July Greetings!
Send Happy Fourth of July Greetings!

4th of July 2016 [Jul 4]

Send Happy Fourth of July Greetings!
Send Happy Fourth of July Greetings!

Canada Day 2016 [Jul 1]

Send Canada Day Greetings!
Send Canada Day Greetings!

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