A July Full of Fireworks & Flowers!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

A beautiful month this is… July! Wouldn’t you say?!

There are the mandatory celebratory fireworks that will light up the sky on the day of independence and then there are the flowers that will adorn the earth all through July in the name of July flowers. Such a beautiful month when the sky and earth both come alive and be colorful. Every month has its unique quality and this month has character! One of those rare months that make us want for more. Here we go, let’s take a stroll and stop at those important moments of this week.

Fourth of July [Jul 4]

Live life like there is no tomorrow. Live life like no one else. Live your life your way. No one dictates. Even if you err, you have the right to defend. You have the right to protest. You have the right to be punished and still live in dignity. There is no disgrace in a free world.

We don’t have jails, but correctional facilities.

We have the freedom to be fair to one and all. And that’s what we celebrate on Fourth of July. It’s a beautiful day for people who appreciate their freedom.

I hope you do too. We have a delectable collection of cards celebrating the occasion and I urge you to send a select few to the ones you care for.

July Flowers [July]

Larkspur flowers and those beautiful lilies!

Ah! Heaven on earth.

It’s like the planet we habitat is grooming itself for a special day in its life. Life is full of surprises. And nature is full of wonderful surprises. The only way we make ourselves happy is by doing things that will make us happy. Nature does it the other way. It brings happiness to us to be happy.

Look at those flowers and tell me from the heart… Who is more happy to see them bloom?

That would be us.

We have some of those flowers growing in our production unit. Yes, you heard that right. But they are on the cards we produce. Take a look at them and send them to your loved ones.


What’s the next best thing to success?


Yes, that’s what it is. There is no point succeeding in a vacuum. You need to have someone appreciating your efforts too. A simple ‘congrats’ from a fellow colleague or an admirable peer goes a long way in making the accomplishment even more sweet.

It helps when a kid is appreciated by his or her father and it inspires a pupil when a teacher pats their back.

Even love is divine when reciprocated.

Give the credit where it is due. Say congrats!

Stay in Touch

There is always that nagging thought that you haven’t been in touch with someone special because of your commitments on the personal and professional front. There is simply no time.

I don’t want to be a cynical and burn a hole through your busy schedule. I would jus’ say this though. We have a process here. You can always select a greeting card when you find time and schedule it in such a way that it is delivered on a certain day you wish. You can choose as many cards as you want and bulk send it to as many people you want.

You can do this all in one day, but your cards will be sent on different days to different people and your presence will be felt and appreciated on those days when you are still busy and don’t have the time.

Good way to be in touch, isn’t it?

Give it a try.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Send July Flowers Greetings!

Send July Flowers Greetings!
Send July Flowers Greetings!


Send Congratulations Greetings!
Send Congratulations Greetings!

Stay in Touch

Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Send Stay in Touch Greetings!

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