Whisper ‘I Love You’ With Compliments And Hugs!


We have lately loaded our memory confetti with another sumptuous layer of joy, mirth and celebration this holiday season. Let the enthusiasm continue as January brings in its fold yet another opportunity to keep warm and happy by surrounding ourselves with loved ones, complimenting them, sending them a hug, whispering, ‘I love you’ and commence in a new traditional harvest festival with appreciation and affection.

Yesterday Irina, my ex-girlfriend who’s now a good friend, bumped into me. The fresh aroma of white carnation bunch she carried caught my attention. Carnations are the birth flowers of this beautiful winter month. While, in conversation with Irina I learned that different colors have their own special meaning like the white carnation is for pure love and affection. Colors affect perceptions and are also used in placebos. Certain colors help in healing. Interestingly, the color we wear also affects our thoughts. I was fascinated. Red color stands for love and excitement while yellow stands for happiness. I bought a bunch of red and yellow carnations for Aaliyah and thanked Irina to fill me in with such interesting facts. We parted with an intention to not let a single moment pass us by where we let love phase out without sprinkling its wonder.

It’s the perfect week to embrace in love and be grateful. On January 19, Whisper, ‘I Love You’ Day gives the perfect opportunity to remind those you love, exactly that. It’s a sweet gesture that will make the special one feel important and cherished. This is especially meaningful to those who barely express themselves and back it up with squillion excuses.


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Perhaps you cannot be near your loved ones at the moment, do the next best thing! Send a cute bug hug or great bear hug on Send a Hug Day. A special greeting popping up as they start their robotic day can always create a warm smile. I made a mental note to send my girlfriend a reminder that I am thinking of her.

As I was lost in her thoughts, walking on the pavement in the light of the setting winter sun someone whispered in my ears, ‘I love you’. I turned wide-eyed and found someone staring back at me with a lovely smile.

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