What If You Allow Yourself To Take One Step Towards Your Dream?

Imagine the possibilities if you brace yourself and keep moving steadfastly towards your goal. We all have fitness goals, work objectives, family plans but like my friend Donna whose goal was to weigh 30 pounds lesser ended up gaining 20 pounds more and so the new resolution is to lose 50 pounds. I mean isn’t that insane? So what happened is the plan wasn’t backed by appropriate action which is the reality. We keep postponing action even though our intention is clear.

Yet, another friend of mine Adrian, who is an artist by profession lost many contracts last year and during the review time in December he spotted the problem of procrastination which led to deferring execution.

2016 is the time to pick yourself up, glance at your resolves and intents and “just do it”. Take one small step to begin with and reward yourself for it. Yes, we have the capability to ascend the highest summit but we get intimidated by the humongous tasks that lie ahead of us. I am a strong believer of chunking them down to smaller milestones and there you go past the procrastination, indecisiveness, distractions and diffidence.

As per a popular survey 41% of Americans struggle to stick to their new year resolutions that is because a visionary needs to also be a stalker. Sometimes we procrastinate because we are scared of failure. I have experienced such days and when on a winter evening I would hide behind my book and coffee and not write a single piece because I was too addicted to appreciation and feared rejections. I would wait for some magical creative spell to cast over me before I’d start. Aaliyah, my sunshine, would often shake me out of my downward spiral of procrastination and nudge me to get started and the ‘keep-moving-steadfastly’ attitude led to the real magic.

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May you move towards your dreams in this New Year one step at a time and be successful. Don’t forget to give a thumbs-up to yourself when you achieve little milestones. I often treated myself to my favorite Strawberry Ice-cream. Donna has an interesting way to reward herself, every weekend she achieves her fitness goal she treats herself to a luxurious bubble-bath, interesting isn’t it? What’s yours?

Stay Blessed and “Make Your Dreams Come True”.


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