To Do List In The Hug Week!

Does life seem stale or mundane? You may need to simply stir up what God has placed on the inside of you. Stir up those gifts, stir up the immense capacity to love. Reach out to your peeps. We are not created to clock in and out of work and stick to an endless list of unfinished errands or goals. We are an awesome mix of some wonderful emotions and it is a gift to be able to feel your vulnerability.

Hug is a beautiful expression which can connect you to someone, not just at an intellectual level but at the heart level. Be it your kids or friends a hug speaks volumes. It opens up the heart and makes people more receptive.

Hug Week is coming up and I am enlisting the to do for the same. A list of friends and family, I am going to reach out by way of a greeting or meeting in this special week.

I am visiting my mum in the weekend and can’t wait for her warm and savory food, her radiant smile when she serves me and her loving hug which leaves me feeling protected and awakens the inner child in me once again. I can’t wait to hug my beloved Aaliyah especially when she pretends to be upset over something only to make me stop and pay attention to her, how I love her when she gives me her angry looks. I am going to hug the children in my vicinity who shower their love and invoke my spirit of adventure and exploration, I am going to give a nice cuddle to my pet, Kong who always expresses his need for one, they are capable of speaking in the simple language of love. I have a bunch of old inmate at the elder care home who light up with the simple gesture and a warm touch. I am going to hug the old tree in my backyard as I’d learnt by one of my friends who loves meditating in the natural surroundings.

I am going to hug myself for who I am with all my minor and major flaws and for all I believe in.

The dissensions are resolved, the love is renewed and the zest in life returns with a hug and a smile.

While I am going to meet up with my folks and give them a big hug to let them know how much they mean to me and that they make up my universe why don’t you make your own special ‘list of hugs’ and have fun!


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