Learning To Be A Friend!

My friend’s son is staying with us this week, his parents are gone for a short tour. It is a beautiful experience and it is fun to be with a little lad who is curious and has his own world of enchanting imagination fired by the visual effects of the hero-centric video games and robotic play toys, it is fascinating to listen to his stories and understand his perception.

I was in my backyard attending to my blooming pots of plants and flowers absorbing the summer warmth. He walked up to me and started chattering, he probably missed being around his friends and I offered myself to be one and the friendship took off from there and I started to enjoy our little time and tête-à-tête which had no limits and which was filled by “what ifs.”

Aaliyah saw me chuckling and she joined us completely enjoying the flight of imaginations. She got up to make some coffee, when the little one said, “Uncle Bob and I would like to have some hot chocolate, isn’t it?” He looked at me and I beamed. The hot chocolate was a delight and It filled me with nostalgia. I missed my old days with my parents, aunts and uncles and remembered my cousins and our fibs.

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I understand friendship is a festival in itself. It knows no confines. Before you want to succeed in any relation, negotiation or agreement, learn to first become a friend. It brings in so much acceptance, light and love.

What do you want to do when you grow up?” I asked him probably because of a meta-model in my belief system that wants every individual to have a purpose and without which life is incomplete, the belief was shattered when my elf-like friend somehow framed his answer for me to comprehend, he said, “I want to be a buoyant monkey.” Startled at his answer I asked, “And what gave you the inspiration to be that?” He smiled and said, “Well! Whenever I am having the best time playing around in the house, my mom says you look like a monkey jumping around, so that’s what I always want to be.” I grinned at myself and whispered in his ears, “Know what, me too!” He wasn’t surprised, he just understood.

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