There’s Too Much On My Plate, Now What?

I was watching my favorite movie show in the afternoon yesterday when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, it was Steve. “What happened? It’s Sunday for God’s sake! Why do you look so exhausted?” I asked.

He came in and threw himself on the couch. Kong got up and gave a sympathetic look. “Will you tell me now?” I asked once again and served him a glass of water.

“Bob, I am so exhausted. I have been having back-to-back meetings and events. On the personal front, I am having my cousin’s wedding. On one hand, I am happy to see work flourish on the other hand it feels like I can’t give time to myself or my close ones!” He expressed.

“Okay, calm down! Now listen, it’s great to expand and grow. However, it’s important to prioritize and have proper time management. Without this simple discipline, you’ll not be able to come out of this loop! Moreover, you will feel burnt out!” I suggested.

“I know, but at times I feel that I don’t have the time or energy to even sit with myself to make a schedule and plan!” He said.

“Come out of this limbo. If you don’t act fast then you will get unproductive. Let me help you this time with the planning! Also, you need to be kind to yourself and ease out a little!” I said and ordered some burgers and latte for us. There was immediately a shine in his eyes.

The rest of the afternoon I sat with Steve and both of us made a calendar for him. “Phew! This looks so helpful! It looks so neat and will make things easier. I’m so relieved now!” He expressed. Then we went for a drive in the evening.

Having too many things on your plate at once can be overwhelming. Things get out of balance and if not checked, it can burn out. Having the discipline of time management and prioritization is important! It’s a savior that will help to keep things in order. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy each of your commitments this way. So, make sure to have a planned calendar and simply follow it! You’ll notice that things will be a lot more sorted and get easier that way.

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