The Power of Positive Thinking from Editor Bob


I hope all is well with you. It is with a heavy heart that I write this newsletter. As the day of September 11th approaches, I remembered clearly what I was doing and the sleepless days and nights that followed. It goes without saying that this day will remain etched in our memories forever, no matter how much time had passed. I was feeling down for the past couple of days until Fred came into the bar mobilizing people…

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  Positive Thinking Day [Sep 13]

Fred has a unique way of saying things. Unlike some self-professed inspirational speakers, Fred gives you the goose-bumps when he starts talking on an issue that is close to his heart. With the calendar reminding us that it is September 11, the horrors bubble up in your mind as if they never subsided. Fred is part of a group that is organizing a short prayer service near Ground Zero. He came to me and talked about it. That is when I realized what keeps this man going at his age.

He also added, “Memorial services and remembering the fallen are all fine, but we must also look ahead. The key to a good, secure future is positive thinking. It is very easy for you to let cynicism seep into your mind and ignore what’s going on around the world, because you start to feel indifferent toward both good and bad. You do not see the need to take up a stand and set things correct. That is why I tell ya Bob, never quit positive thinking. It’ll take you places.” He’s right in his thoughts, isn’t he? I love listening to him, and watch his eyes sparkle when he’s speaking. His enthusiasm is always infectious.

Chinese Moon Festival [Sep 14]

My pal Adrian’s totally loony over this Cathy person. The Chinese Valentine’s Day may have made things a little rough for Adrian, but the dust settled down and he was able to be with the woman he had a big crush on. The superstitious Adrian is taking anything remotely Chinese to be a good thing for his relationship. When he was passing by Chinatown he realized that the Chinese Moon Festival was coming up, he decided to celebrate it the way the Chinese custom is. He came in late that day, a bag in hand. When he saw my raised eyebrows toward the bag, he said, “It’s mooncake man!”

“Mooncake! Now what fancy idea is that?” I quipped. He was patient enough to explain to me the subtleties of Chinese romance: “Mooncake is what a romantic couple eat under the moon. Most Chinese weddings happen around this time because that’s when the moon is in it’s brightest. That’s what the custom says people should do during the Chinese Moon Festival.” Legend has it that this is the time when the “man on the moon” comes out and records the names of couples who are fated to live happily ever after. In preparation for all this he’s been gearing towards the full moon. If you asked me, he’s acting more like a Chinese werewolf in New York than a romantic beau. There’s one potential glitch in his plans though, Cathy may be out of town! Who knows whether he’s going to pull it off or even how. Get over to my blog and find out!

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  Love and Friendship

Talk about romance and love, the lovey dovey couple Kate and Jeffrey are not doing so well these days. You know when you want your peace of the mind and space, sometimes you can’t really get it. No matter how much you may be really bothered, you find yourself disturbed by people who do not respect your private space. That is exactly what happened to Kate and Jeffrey. As it was, they were quite tensed because the Labor Day weekend parents’ meet didn’t go off too well. They decided to put their heads together to come up with a solution.

It so happened that Kate told Megan that they were meeting that evening to chalk out some plan to get their parents around. Megan casually mentioned it to Leo. Immediately the inspirational speaker in Leo got up with a shake of the shoulders. He convinced Megan to arrange for a double date with them, promising to help the distressed couple. Megan believed in him and set up the double date by calling Kate. Though skeptical, Kate agreed, sensing they need all the help they can get. She figured, since Leo’s a professional, they might as well listen to what he has to say.

Leo had come to offer his wise words without really knowing what the real problem was. So Kate and Jeffrey told him all about it, wasting much of their valuable time. Would you believe it folks, Leo listened in his ‘active listeners manners,’ according to Jeffrey, and subsequently told them to split up as that is the best way to deal with the problem! To add insult to injury, he also said that they have no chance of making it anyway! This upset the couple a lot and Megan was no less irritated. Jeffrey showed up pissed off and recounted the whole unfortunate tale, we had late night drinks and I had to calm him down. Megan called me the next morning, “You already know what happened?” “Ya” I said, not really wanting to offer my opinion. “I don’t know what to do Bob, I really want my friends and my significant O to get along, ya know?” said Megan. “I think that’s the desire for everyone who is single and dating, Megan,” I told her, “Let’s just see what happens. I’m sure this is going to blow over very soon.” Then I got thinking, making a choice between your friends and your significant other is really tough. I haven’t really faced much of that. Usually they don’t meet or they get along. It’s really a challenge when they don’t, I’m lucky enough that I haven’t faced that. What about you? Have you had to make a choice between your friends and your boyfriend or girlfriend? What did you do?

Rachael’s New Puppy

Folks, my niece Rachael has been bugging her parents and me to get her a puppy. She’s really persistent and adamant about her demand. We usually tell her about the responsibilities and things that puppies do and she always comes back and says, “But Uncle Bob has Kong and he can take care of him very well. If he can do it I can do it too.” Finally, after her constant talk of having a pup, we gave up.

I sat Rachael down and spoke to her, “You know, having a pup is a big deal. You have to look after him or her and feed it properly. You have to walk the dog everyday and make sure the puppy gets everything it needs,” Rachael nodded and said, “Ya, I understand. I’ll take care of the puppy I promise.” She looked at me in hope, with bright, blue eyes. “Oh alright then,” I said. “Let me call Seth and see if we can adopt a pup, ok?” Rachael started smiling broadly and ran off to her mom shouting, “YAY!!!” all around the apartment. We’re going to the animal shelter soon and see if there’s a suitable pup for Rachael. I hope we only come home with one pup and not a bunch!

Talking to Fred and Rachael lifted my spirits. They have such a positive attitude to life. This week’s Zen quote is about thinking positive and moving ahead. It’s by Winston Churchill. He said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” I think he was an inspiring, charismatic leader–something we need in our time as well. How do you think positively? What do you do when you’re down and out? Click here and let me know!

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Take care,

Editor, 123Greetings

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38 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking from Editor Bob

  1. My older brother and I are both products of West Virginia. As children, we never had much, but that was O.K. – we had great imaginations – an old refridgerator box could become a great spaceship – you know, stuff like that.

    When we became older, got married, had families – we used to get together for morning coffee and sing our favorite song when we down, or feeling blue. It always gave us a laugh before we went about our day before us.

    It went like this:

    “When you are down and out, lift us your head and shout — HEY, I’M DOWN AND OUT!!!”

    Good day.

  2. Hi, Bob how r u. Thanks 4 ur letters. They were nicely written. Thanks 4 making us happy with ur letters.& letings us known the true power of positive thinking. Bye, Have a goodday.

  3. Hi Bob…thanks for your wonderful letters…yup…when I am down and out…I just wait for your newsletters…they all have inspiration for good deeds…kinda like dressing up when one feels sick…its changes my whole perspective…to a great one…thanks a million good sir…have a wonderful day…your old friend from myspace…starbucks coffee wishes…and mutton kabob dreams..heehee…take care…all my best..Minni

  4. I rely on God’s promises in the Bible for everything and anything. He truly is the most positive thinker around.
    God gives us choices. For positive thinking in our lives, we can wake up in the morning and be positive for the day or we can be negative for the day. Make the choice that benefits YOU:).
    Also, what comes out of your mouth, comes into your life. If you speak negative all the time…that’s what’s going to come into your life. If you speak positive all the time…that’s what will come into your life.
    Everybody has ups and downs but it’s how you and your attitude react to the storms and challenges in life. Ask the Lord for discernment, guidance, wisdom and understanding in everything and anything that you say and do. You will find that with having the Lord in your life you will see and handle things differently and be a more positive person.

  5. Okay so about the choosing between the boyfriend & friends thing, i always say, they are both importnat people in my life & i’m going to make time for both of them at different times to keep out the confrontation. Like plan a girls night, and tell him to have a guys night out as well. [if your a guy its the other way around of course.] That way one night a week, or every two weeks, however you plan it, you have time away from your man, and have time with your friends. Theres always the emergencies with the friends, if they are upset of course, of for special occasions, but if your friends & your guy cant respect that, then neither one of them are worth anything. When you get into a relationship, you have to accept them as they are &&& accept them for who they are, and who their friends are.

    Thinking positive: its always a good thing. Try Positive Afrimations. I learned this from my better half’s aunt. Tell yourself good things always, and those good things will happen. when your feeling stressed, or down. Take some time for yourself, lay in silence, clear your mind, and put all those thoughts away. If your religious, Put them in God’s hands. Clear your mind of whats going on, once you do, you will feel relief.

  6. I always go shopping, or re-decorate a room, if I’m really depressed, painting or getting new carpet/tile. Something about seeing a new view on things or new “item” seems to bring up my spirits.
    Deppends on how down you are!
    Remeber things ALWAYS GET BETTER!

  7. It is so wonderful to hear some positive thoughts, and words! I was out walking with my son this morning singing like I usually do, when my music player stopped. And I was like I need to hear some positive words.
    So basically as soon as I got home I checked my e-mail and BAM top o’ the list is “The Power of Positive Thinking” by editor Bob.
    I was like “Woooah manifesto, that happened fast!’
    I try and stay positive everyday. I mean I think everyone does eh? Singing ALWAYS lifts me up. singing, humming, maybe a little dancing. I love to sing and it always makes me feel better.

  8. When I feel down, I began to speak to my heavenly Father to comfort me. I also say to my self that God allowed me to see another day and there is someone some where that did not get that opportunity. We will all go through feeling down but when the word of God is in your heart, mind, soul and body the feeling can’t stay because God is the straight of my life.
    God Bless you!!

  9. Bob,

    I just want you to know that the only way to live is with a positive attitude. Through life I have found out that if you are positive the world around you seems to be that way to. It just makes people around you feel happy.


  10. that sept 11 memory will never be erase in my mind.i am here in the Philippines and i can still imagine how it happened.i just arrived from office and what i saw in tv shocked me so much,i thought it was just play.but no its real and all i could say GOD THANK U SO MUCH COZ I KNOW U…..and i always tell everyone around me lets always PUT AND HAVE GOD’S LOVE IN OUR HEARTS so that what happened last sept 11 will not be repeated……GOD IS LOVE….

  11. Hi Bob:

    I’m a pretty upbeat and outgoing individual and it’s rare to see me down and out. I generally wake up thankful to have a nice, new slate to create wonderful memories for the day. I focus on the positives with Life because there is way too much anger unhappy people creating wars around the world and I don’t wish to perpetuate that energy around or within me. When I am down and out, I would tuck myself away with a book in bed, light candles and incense and make myself a hot cup of tea. During this time, I usually don’t engage in conversation with anyone so I can relax and take care of myself.

    Have a splendid day ahead!

    Roxanne Canepa-De Flavis

  12. Love and Friendship….

    I had to choose between not only my friends but family members also. I spent over a decade sacrificing myself for my family (adult daughters) while they obtained their college degrees. I took care of their children (my grandkids)by picking them up from school, cooking, washing, PTAs, football practices, karate classes, dance, and piano lessons. When I met my mate, who happens to be 12 years my junior, my daughters and friends thought I was crazy and had lost my mind completely. I stuck it out and stayed with him and here it is 10 years later and we are still together and very much in love. I did what was best for me for a change!

  13. Hi Editor Bob, what a wonderful email I received today. It was your Positive Attitude newsletter. To keep my spirits up, I have a small bulletin board that has pictures of my loved ones and our vacations too. I just have to glance at the board and have great memories that push away the “gloomy” thoughts! Thanks and I look forward to receiving more good news from you!

  14. I have recently loss my husband through a tragic death, he was murdered, soon the aniverseray of his death approaches on Oct.9 08 which will be two years, to top it off it was my daughters husband who did this, I only have to say that my relationship with God is my strength and he keeps me going everyday, I have joint custody of my grandson and they also give me a reason to keep going, follow your heart and let the lord help you through the everyday trials you are going through, he is the best help ever

  15. I keep a list of things that make me happy (my dogs, my cat, sunshine, beer on tap, etc.). I pull it out whenever I feel negativity creeping in, and it shifts my mood to a happier one.

  16. Thinking positive makes one energetic and live long.
    if a bud stays as it is it will not make a flower and once made a flower it will fade.But only the flower has the pollen grains for making another plant.
    This is life. fear of failure will never bring success and success surely starts from failure.

  17. When I’m down, I get very humble, excise the ego, empty myself and go with the flow or as some may say “go with God.” My thoughts will be quietly uplifting and grateful for what I do have…as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world.” And that LOVE is a mighty force!

  18. Hi Bob
    When I am down there are several things I do that lifts my spirit
    1- Read a chapter from the book of Psalms
    2- Listen to music
    3- Call a friend
    4- Read a book
    Most times one of these help. If not then I eat some ice cream and go to sleep.
    Have a great day. I enjoyed the editoral.

  19. Hi Bobm
    I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration getting your mail has been! I am currently going through a very nasty divorce and custody battle for my 5 yr old son. And right now things are not going in my favor. But just when things seem to get where I just feel like giving up, I see an email from you and your inspirational words are all I need to get back in the game! I read your newsletter last week and actually now have Jason as a friend on myspace and he has some very inspirational words as well.
    Thank you so much and I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

  20. Hi Bob:
    I love getting your newsletters and keeping up with you and “the gang”. You all feel like family.
    When I feel down, I pull out my photo albums and surround myself with friends and family. I look back on good times and remember how much I am loved and appreciated. You can’t stay down long surrounded by all that love!!
    Cheerio! Roberta

  21. Hello Bob!

    What a coincidence….I mean I was having trouble sleeping at night…& was started to get all fretful & whining about every minor setback in life…& the best part being that I never realized it…UNTIL BANG! CAME UR NEWSLETTER…
    Wow…not that I didn’t know the importance of positive thinking…but u know how it is…its always more effective when illustrated from the other person’s viewpoint…& Thank U! U just made my day & I’m gonna sleep well at night…

  22. When I am down and out — I watch FitTv and get busy then sleep. Simple. My spirit is renewed by the fact that I feel so much healthier which makes me happy!

  23. It’s always nice to surround yourself with family and friends who have a positive outlook on life. Life is what we make out of it and believe me life never goes as planned…..there are alot of bumps in the road,but if you can laugh at yourself and stay focused then anything is possiable…

  24. When I am down or discouraged, I like to read
    play games on the computer, play with my guiena pig, his name is silver, go for a walk
    or talk on the phone with friends. Bob, I
    really enjoy your articles, keep up the good
    work, you are doing a great job. Thanks.Smile
    and The world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.

  25. I went through something like Rena mention in her comment (twice) only it involed children and husbands.I am a single grandma raising my 2 grandkids with help from their mom.I find that keeping physically busy and focusing on whatever is at hand for that day helps to stay postive. Wheather it be work ,play or indugling in a little sadness for a few mintues what ever your are doing or feeling it will pass and life does carry on. Time and prayer heals the broken. And no matter what things can always get worse so remmber the best.

  26. Hello Bob:
    I admire you writing such a detailed newsletter and just wanted to write to ad a comment about “being positive”. We all seem to get lost in our own situation, soon, like the ostrich, we forget or ignore those around us. When I’m down I try to get my head out of the sand and look around at those less fortunate or who aren’t able to physically do what I can. Does that change my mood – YOU BET!! Thanks so much and let’s be grateful for what we have and can do without limitations. Today is truly the only day we have and can use to make a difference to ourselves and others.
    Thanks a lot.

  27. Dear Bob, really thank you for your newsletters. They are so moving that I can’t help reading them all in detals. Tell you the truth, though I have received your letters a lot before, this is the first time I can put my heart into your letters, which are the right thing I need, especially today. Acturally, the moment I woke up this morning, I felt lonely suddenly. Is it because today is Moon Festival? Yes!!! I have to spend it spend it alone. I am just down, down, down. I could do nothing but turned on the computer,entering my e-mail box. Unexpected, your letters came to my eyes and I started to read. Waa, What inspirating words! As every word struck my mind, my heart has been lighted up.What a good day is it! Spending Moon Festival alone is not a big problem. The key is that I should choose the right way to spend it, which can give me an opportunity to spend the festival positively and happily. OK, Everything is fine now. I know what I am going to do. Thanks a lot, Bob. And May you have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.

  28. There so many things i wanna to share but once i got to submit comment, i suddently forgot.
    i wish i knew why.
    but one thing i know “on the road home” … nothing has changed… there’s a smile and a word “bye”, “it’s nice seeing you gain” “how is your day?” but not asking “how’s your life”…… as it is forbidden to ask “how’s your life” but only “a smile with how’s your day?”


  30. When I am down it is time to redirect my thinking. So I do something different and unexpected. This time I choose the Chinese Moon Festival. I bought a piece of cake from the local deli, spread a blanket on the patio, turned off all the light so that the only thing shining was the bright moon. I brought my husband out to share the cake and have the man in the moon record our names. He thinks I am silly and loves me for it. How could that not bring up my spirits. Thanks for the idea.

  31. Hi BOb! This is the very first time i m wriitng something in reply to your any newsletter…!! and trust me this one moved me so much …that i thought i shuould comment on it!!! << I have read all the comments here and they are soo |+ive ,movingg…helped me alot to remember them whenevr the next timne i feel down..!!<<<
    well…whenevr i feel down and outt….what i do to become positive is that ik…..sit silence….and try to figure out that what is it thats bugging me so much..and then…..i say to myself some really +ive things like ” IT COULD BE WORSE THAN THIS” ….Or that ” LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO WASTE IT WORRYING ABOUT USELESS THINGS..!!!” << “WHATEVER HAPPENS..HAPPENSS….NO REGRETS!!!” ……..” GOD KNOWS THE BEST..”..!! JUST LEAVE THE CHOICE ONTO HIM..N THEN SIT BCK N WATCH HOW UR LIFE WORKS..!!”…be happy always..COZ…WHAT U HAVE NOW N TODAY WONT B THERE..TOMORROW.!! SOO B +IVE!!! N HAPPY!!

  32. hi bob
    just love reading ur letters.positive thinking really helped me through a really bad phase of my life.i left everything on god that time.whenever i feel depressed i go out shopping or indulge myself in reading some philosophical book or listen to some good music.i speak my heart out to my friend when something is disturbing really helps.
    waiting 4 ur letter

  33. Communication is important in any relationship. The things you know about your significant other are only as good as the questions you are willing to ask. Romance and special times are not the end all of Love Relationships. Weathering the storms is important too. If Kate and Jeffrey, are still struggling maybe the solution isn’t romance but a heart to heart talk. Either way it will give them a chance to see if they can grow together or they really are too different to last.

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