Happy Oktoberfest from Editor Bob

Hey folks!

I had an eventful time this week and pleasurable to a certain extent, too. I’m really excited by the elections and all the twists and turns that are happening in the news. I really can’t wait until November to get out my vote and see who’s our new President! Are you following the election news too? Who do you think is going to win? Who are you voting for?

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  Oktoberfest [Sep 20 – Oct 5]

Talking of missing out on important events, Oktoberfest is one event that you wouldn’t dream of missing! Yes, Oktoberfest is here! All of us folks had a pre-Oktoberfest celebrations the other day. Ya, we couldn’t wait until the 20th! Part of it is because Cathy would be out of town that day and Adrian was really adamant on having the friend circle meet Cathy. So we decided to throw the party at our pad in the evening. Since it was Cathy’s first party with us, Adrian took a special interest in the planning. He got some excellent ‘bratwurst’ sausages and pretzels, not to mention kegs of beer! It was like a frat party without the campus.

Rick and Kaitlin were the first to arrive, followed by Kate and Jeffrey. The lovestruck Adrian even picked up Cathy and they walked in hand-in-hand. Donna could not come because Ethan was not doing very well. The last to arrive were a very jovial-looking Leo and a very tensed-looking Megan. We were not too keen on having Leo, but we wanted Megan badly and by not inviting him, we didn’t want to hurt her. We didn’t want to alienate Megan because of a small incident. From the very start, Leo started picking people, giving his advice freely, without being asked. I think he already had a couple of drinks before he came. Kate and Jeffrey tried to give him the slip by staying away as much as they could. Adrian and Cathy were talking to Rick and Kaitlin. It was more like a love fest than an Oktoberfest! Since I was the only one who really don’t have anyone to entertain or be entertained, I was at the receiving end of Leo’s grand talk. I was so used to the same stuff he says that I can tune out and tune in and still respond and “actively listen” to him! Steve just bar tended and took care of everyone.

What I noted with wide-eyed wonder is the amount of beer Leo was gulping down. He did shots of Jack Daniel, washing it down with beer. Megan tried to stop him but he did not seem to believe in any sort of restraint. He slurred progressively with each glass that he poured down his throat. And with that, his voice rose in pitch and had this very edgy feel to it. Megan was really embarrassed and now everyone was turning their heads to look at him as well. I agreed to whatever he spoke so as not to antagonize him, but he was destined to go over the edge that evening.

After half a bottle of JD disappeared, he walked over to Jeffrey and Kate and started slurring out words. He started giving his “advice” about their relationship, that got Jeffrey really mad. A scuffle followed and Rick and I had to restrain the two. Megan and Kate hugged each other and Adrian was really embarrassed. Since Steve was our designated driver for the night, he took Megan, me and Leo to Leo’s apartment. We put him to bed and left him. Then we dropped Megan and I came home. We didn’t talk much, I don’t know if Leo would remember the night or not but I don’t think Megan will be seeing him again. Adrian had to explain to Cathy that our friends circle is really not like this. I mean, talk about bad first impressions! I’m sure she’ll be telling this story to her girlfriends!

All this time, I kept remembering my friend Jason’s story. I don’t know what’s going on with Leo, he’s a motivational speaker, and someone who’s supposed to inspire people. Maybe he needs to tune in to his own messages…

International Day Of Peace [Sep 21]

After my day out with Donna at the salon, I was a bit cautious of following wherever she invites me to again! So when she walked into my cubicle in the afternoon with a mischievous glint in her eye, I knew something was up. Donna told me that we were going somewhere the next day, I was not so sure… but I agreed to go because Donna has never really put me in an uncomfortable spot. The best thing about Donna is that she has always pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore new things but it was to get my lazy-procrastinating-writer’s-butt to experience new things, she never does things with a wrong intention. But all my friends are crazy, so I have to do everything with a little bit of caution!

On the way she told me where we were headed. It was a screening of a documentary that a non-profit organization was hosting. The organization works with youth and young adults in preparation for International Day Of Peace. It was just a couple of stops on the subway. In a big hall, children were working on charts and posters. It was a great sight–children with colors on their hands, clothes, faces doing their bit for their future. Their enthusiasm was spreading like an epidemic. Their parents and guardians were helping them. My eyes were sweeping across the hall, taking it all in. I spoke to a couple of kids and parents, making small talk. Then Donna came up to me with a companion in tow. Donna explained, “Bob, I’d like you to meet Berka. She’s the producer of the film we’re screening.” She looked like she was a South or South-East Asian. I extended my hand and shook hands warmly with her. Berka is doing her film major at NYU, the film was part of her assignments.

Over the course of our conversation I learned that she’s been interviewing kids who are the children of refugees. I was really moved by the film because I discovered a part of New York that I’d never find in newspapers or magazines. I learned about the kids, how their whole lives have been changed because of oppression, conflict, and war. They moved to New York in the hopes that they’d have a better life. They’re struggling to make adjustments. Berka was really cool, she told me the whole process that involved documentary filmmaking–how she researched and found the kids. I met the kids in the film later on. I wish I had Irina with me, she would’ve loved it. I asked Berka, “So what are you going to do with this film?” “Well, we’ll be sending it out to a couple of student film fests and indy film fests. We’re hoping non-profits and NGOs can use it to further their cause for World Peace,” said Berka. “This is just a small way to make a change you know, it’s my way of creating change in the world.” Needless to say, I felt inspired by her words. She was very confident of herself and her work. I’m so glad I met her and I hope I’d see her again soon!

I had crayon and paint stains on my shirt but I felt happy and peaceful. I figured no matter how gloomy it seems, there will be people like Berka who try to create change and that’s very encouraging for me.

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  Friends’ Day [Sep 21]

I’ve got an interesting story to tell you. Carol, one of my friends on MySpace, has a friend that she has never met. And they’ve been friends for over nine years. NINE YEARS! How can you be friends with someone you’ve never met?! I read that on her profile and asked her to share her story of friendship. Here’s what she has to say…

“Ok, so I was still learning how to use the internet when I came across this website about this band I am a fan, the Backstreet Boys. (don’t laugh, I’m serious!) I really liked that page because it had all sorts of pictures of the boys, songs, lyrics, personal info on all of them, etc. So I sent an e-mail to the webmaster, Melanie, and a few days later she replied. Somehow, out of the nowhere, we started to exchange e-mails and started to tell all about our lives to each other. I would tell her about my life in south Brazil as a teenager in high school, and she would tell me about her life in the U.S., close to leave high school and enter college. Suddenly we became really close friends, talking about the things that were going on in our lives, giving each other advices, and pretty much just being there for each other. I was going through a very hard moment in my life and she stood there for me.

So years went by, she got into college, then I got into college, and even though sometimes we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other for a while, since we were both pretty busy for a while there with college and all, we would always manage to check on each other and how our lives were going. We’ve had ups and downs, we would even argue sometimes! We pretty much became like “sisters”!

Over nine years later, we have been through a lot of things. Mel got married in 2006 and last year her first daughter was born, Ava Nicole. Early this year she found out she was pregnant again, and there’s another baby girl arriving in September. I graduated college last year, and three months ago I left my house and my town to come to a big city looking for a job. Now I’m moving to a new place, all by myself, where I’m going to finally start my life as a “grown up”. And in the middle of all these happenings, I know I will always have my “older sister” (I swear somehow we’re sisters!) to count on, and she knows that she will always have her “younger sister” here for her whenever she needs someone to talk to. I’m pretty sure that someday I’m going to meet her and her beautiful family, but while that doesn’t happen, we will continue to be part of each other’s lives, being the best of friends that we are!”

Now that’s really touching, isn’t it? Do you have friends whom you’ve never met? It seems everything is possible online. Click here to write to me and share your stories!


Rachael was so insistent on getting a puppy that she kept calling me continuously for two straight days. On Sunday I took her to the shelter where Seth works to get her a puppy. Rachael was so excited, I have never seen her so thrilled. It seemed that her little frame could scarcely contain the amount to excitement that was boiling in her. I was scared she might cry to take all the pups home! If that happened, I’ll have another problem on my hands, not to mention facing a distraught Liz!

She looked at all the pups with a lot of care. We went at a time when the pups were being given food. All the pups were near their food trays, lapping up the food with relish. She peered into each cage, checking out each pup. Suddenly, she stopped. I followed her gaze. Sitting in a corner was some sort of a spaniel. According to Seth, some of the pups are mixed breed, they were found or dropped at the shelter because the breeders couldn’t sell the pups. I really don’t get that, I mean, pups are pups after all, how would they know which breed they are and why do they have to suffer if they’re not a ‘pure breed’? I’ll be writing about this on my blog, so head on over there!

Anyway, back to Rachael and the pup. This pup that Rachael took an interest looked a bit smaller and definitely weaker. It was barely weaned. “It’s only about a month old,” said Seth, “He’s been weaned too early but with proper care he’ll make it.” I was not interested much in his food. But when Rachael walked up to the cage, the pup looked up and came near. Rachael put her hand in the cage, “Hey there little fella,” she said and the pup walked across and started licking her finger. Her eyes lit up and she looked back at me, I knew she had made her choice.

When we were on her way back with that pup, I asked her why she chose this pup. She said, “He needs me. And I know I can give him enough care to help him get well and be as big as he can be.” Would you believe it folks, she’s only in sixth grade and now she’s acting like a mom. I was stunned beyond words. I knew she was smarter than her age, but I didn’t expect so much out of her. I am so proud of her. Her parents loved the pup as well and the pup seemed to have adopted the family, too. I tell you friends, don’t think young children cannot be profound. They can shock you with their honesty, simplicity and clarity of thought. Rachael will be a great woman one day, don’t you think?

That’s all I have time for this week. Our puppy inspired Zen quote of the week comes from Josh Billings. It goes, “Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.” And before you think of buying a dog, remember there’s plenty in the shelters which are waiting to be adopted. Visit your local animal shelter before you do so! Until next week.

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Editor, 123Greetings

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27 thoughts on “Happy Oktoberfest from Editor Bob

  1. I had to rspond to your question about having a friend whom I have never met…when I was in the 8th grade I received a pen pal through an assignment by our teacher who thought this would be a great way to practice letter writing skills [this, of course, greatly predates emails!]I received the information for a girl my age who lived in Massachusetts — I lived in Michigan. We have been writing each other ever since 1967! We ahve never met, and have spoken on the phone just a couple of times. The written word has kept us connected through our teen years, our college experiences, the ups and downs of many relationships, our individual marriages,a couple of divorces on my side, and our child raising days. Some years we exchange nothing more than a lengthy “catch-up” letter at Christmas, but it always feels comfortable hearing from this friend who has “been there” through it all! My “pen pal’s” name is also Nancy – she has a very distinct style of writing so my children through the years always took delight in recognizing her letters whenever they delivered her mail!

  2. Hi- I also have a friend that I have never met face-to-face. Wev’e been great friends for almost 7 years now. We met through our job and last name in the email directory…hers being right above mine. Our families know about each other and we have been there for each other through the years. It really feels as if she only lives a town away but just can’t find the time to get together. We consider ourselves best of friends and sisters. It’s really special!

  3. I have a 2 friends I have never met. One I am going to meet in October. We have been friends for 8 years! I actually met her husband in a chat room and he told me his wife was on the same site to say hello. I was single at the time. She later got divorced and remarried and I got married and divorced in those 8 years. We have shared lots of laughter and tears. I finally decided we needed to meet so I am going to Canada next month to spend 5 days with her and her new family. She is one of my closest friends and I don’t know what I would do without her!
    My other friend lives in Australia and she doesn’t have internet. We met through American Greeting cards penpal program in 1990, yes, 1990. We have talked on the phone and written many letters. I do plan to go to Australia one day to meet her also! I guess I can say I am a pretty good correspondent!

  4. You asked for a little note about having friends that you’ve never met. My friend is a Professor in Texas and we are Three Dog Night fans, that’s how we met. We talk occassionaly on the telephone but mostly just emails. It’s just about what is going on in our lives and how we are dealing with any problems. She just lost her beloved Father after taking a year off to nurse him. I’ve read her family dynamics and she has read my family dynamics when I wrote her about my Mom dying in February. We don’t email all the time, but are always happy to receive an email from the other. We have been doing this for about four years now and never have laid eyes on one another. By the way several years ago she took time from her teaching job and became a Three Dog Night groupie! Now that’s some dedication. I myself didn’t have the freedom to do anything like that because I had three children to raise. I am now the proud grandmother of six! All three of my children are college educated and have good employment. My partner is 22 years younger than me and loves me to death. He says I’m the best thing that ever entered his life. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  5. You are like having a friend I’ve never met, even though it may be one-sided. 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your messages, it is like reading an online soap opera/reality show. I feel like I know you and your friends now and look forward to reading about your latest adventure.

  6. Hi Bob

    I’m from the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. I moved to the Cayman Islands in 1997, about 10 years ago. I believe it was about 1998 when visiting the personals of Yahoo that I came across Marc from Pembroke. Marc and I hit it off right away.
    We started emailing each other, and as he is into photography, he would send me lovely photos of Maine.
    Although I have been to the US many times, I’ve never been there when it was cold and snowing, so Marc has also sent me lovely photos of snow-filled areas, even those where his home is literally covered with snow!
    We have remained consistent friends over the years, and even though we have never met in person, I consider him one of my best friends to this day.

  7. I have a dear friend that I have been corresponding with since grade school – way too long ago. My third grade teacher had a sister in Germany who also taught in a school for American families, mostly military. They thought it would be great for all of us to correspond for the school year to replace our penship instruction (Yes, they actually use to care!). Somehow, I got stuck with a guy and we have been corresponding since 1970. Like his father he went into the military and has been there since 1981. When he retires, he and his family plan on coming to visit, but that is still almost 10 years (or more) away. We have talked on the phone a few times when we really needed someone just to talk to, but usually we use email now instead of snail mail (it makes it easier to read his letters – his penmanship is horrible!). I have met his oldest daughter and his youngest son. If they are anything like their father, I really look forward to meeting him.

  8. hey bob,
    i have a very dear friend in penn. and ohio i have known for 8 years now one’s ame is debbie she was a very depressed person and i brought her from death’s door back to reality of life and she is a blessing to me and i have never met her but i love her to death and i have lots of emails and photo’s of her and her family and i talk to her on the phone alot. and she sends me emails and tells me she doesn’t know what she would have done had god not sent me to in her path of life and i wouldn’t take nothing for my debbie. i have a second friend name roseann she lives in ohio and i have never met her and she is very special to me too she disappears alot and i begain to worry about her last time she disappeared she had a heart attack and boy did it scare me. but my lord pulled her through but this time who knows what has happened but i know she is on the net but i haven’t been on alot cause i work the night shift now so i haven’t been on alot but i am sure tro cross her in a day or two. and then i have a friend called good ole bob i haven’t met him yet he does the 123 greetings and he also works for mia bella candles and he has a great inspire on my life he cheers me up when i feel down and i ask god to bless him abundutly with a woman that will fulfuill his life with his needs as well as he fills her needs and i am sure to meet him one day also. and i love my bob also. so keep your head up bob someone is instore for your bob but she is a gift from god not from out in the world bob. i love you matrilla your down south friend always

  9. Hi Bob..I’m responding to your friends question. Actually she is not only my friend but my Aunt. I have not met her but we talk on the phone at least every couple of weeks. The way I met her was by doing research looking for my biological father. I went through an Arizona phone book and copied all the people down with my maiden name. Later that evening I starting calling the list. The 7th number I dialed was my Aunt. She had told me that she had just recently gotton married and that she hadn’t changed her name yet with the phone company. I was lucky, as I don’t know anyone or anything about that side of my family. I couldn’t hardley believe it. That was about 12 years ago. I have learned alot about my dads side of the family and feel even more enriched than ever. We hit it off and I’m thankful every day to have her in my life. I know some day we will met and I look forward to it.

  10. I have a friend I’ve never met. I love to play games and while playing in a Yahoo game room one night I noticed one of the chats was from a woman Marie that used to work near where I lived in PA. She now lived in Maryland and I lived in Indiana. When I told her that she was surprised that we both lived in the same area and I used to shop in the store she worked in, but we didn’t know each other way back then in the 60’s. We exchanged e-mail addresses and began keeping in touch. This was in 2000. We were there for each other during good times and bad. And when we lost loved ones. Exchanged recipes, tips, jokes, pictures and anything else you can think of over the years. Marie has a good sense of humor, but also anchored to the ground like I am. I’m not sure some times how I would have been without her support during the bad times. We hope that we continue being friends for a long time, although the upcoming elections have strained things a bit at times. Since we “met” I moved to TX and Marie moved to Alaska. Also, had an e-mail friend that was the best friend of my best friend in TX. At the time “met” Lora (it was in a forwarded e-mail that came to me too) she lived in CA and shortly before I moved to TX she had moved there and was about 130mi from where we live now. We got to meet when she came for a special meeting in my town and my best friend got us together. Now Lora and I are still e-mail friends and see her when she is in town. Best thing is she is a lot like my best friend here so was easy to know her. Both of the “meetings” of Marie and Lora were about the same time so have had the two friends for a good while. It is nice to have friends far away and you learn so much from them, have their support, feel the connection and I wish that for everyone.

  11. This is in response to your request for people who met on line and remained friends. Two girls and myself met on a Days of Our Lives soap chat line and wrote on it for several years. When the web page closed we asked each other for our e-mails. We have experienced weddings, birth of grandchildren, moves from California to Texas and one girl having two sons in Iraq,we sent our prayers for them. I sent them pictures of my fortieth anniversary. Needless to say we have been in each others lives for ten years. I consider them to be my dear friends although we have never met. I live in Canada. One day we have promised each other that we will meet. Until then it is jokes and pictures, sometimes tears and sometimes laughter that we share. It made me realize that you can always have someone out there that is a friend.

  12. I have also afriend ,that I have never seen her since we started phoning each other , despite we are from the same city .Our friendship has started since 2004 , when she phoned my number wrongly .And since then We exchanging views , opinion ,and advices .Even we sometime depend on each other on the finantial problems .

  13. In fact your newsletter is reviving the emotions and happy feelings. It makes me remembering those whom I forget because of the tensity of the actual life. I have enjoyed your newsletter beacuse it gives me a chance to stop working and start thinking by heart, thinking of my family, my friends, my beautiful world.

  14. I had a childhood friend and she was my close neighbour too. For the past 20years we had no contact with each other, and in this 20 years we never bothered to contact each other as she was in Kuwait and I m in Dubai, used to remember her alot but didnt bother to contact her. One fine day that is on her Birthday some how I tried to get her contact number and gave her a call. But she could not recognize my voice. I told her that I m your school friend, she could not guess. than I told her that her neighbour, still she could not get the right guess. Than I told her your old and best friend, later with one guess she could get my name. I was so happy that she also still thinks that I m her old and best friend. I was very happy, from than we are in touch.
    A Great Friendship!

  15. Hi There!
    You wondered if anyone out there had friends out there that we never met.Well,I have got more than a hand full with really close friends. I have met them on different websites,for example sites for penfriends. I have searched active for friends from different countries,cause I find it interesting to hear how people live in different cultures and so on! I have really close friends in China,Japan,Tanzania,Germany and Hungary.Monika in Hungary is my dearest friend ever and we really share everything with eachother.We have been friends for more tan 5 years now and I have followed her lovelife with ups and downs.For example when she was a single mum and her boyfriend moved to her. I also shared her wedding with this boy and when she got pregnant with her little son Martin that is 2 years already.We speak about problems with our teenagers (we are both pretty young mothers) and we speak about money, our parents,work and anything at all! I really cannot describe our friendship but I know we will be friends forever! I just bought a house with lots of rooms and she is on the way to buy a house too! And we have decided to meet! But we are realistic and not very rich so we konw it might take a while.We have never spoken but last week I sent some mms,pics on my mobilephone to her and I used some “things” so she could at least HEAR my voice for the very first time.Now we plann to speak more through the internet,I think its called skype,so I will soon buy a good web camera.Distance are nothing when it comes to friendship! (NOt even love!!) The man I now live together with came from Germany in the beginning.We met when he just stayed one night (By destiny as he said) and then we fell in love that special midsummer night! Now we have been together for 6 years and lived together here in my homecountry Sweden for 4 years. We sent a lot sms to eachother and of course spoke in the phone every week and met a few times every year .So that was part of my story! Now I must go play Golf on our Nintendo wii with my boyfriend and my son!
    Take care!Angelica Andersson

  16. I have a friend I’ve Never met. Where I live during the summer there is a camp where the director brings in counsleours from out-of-town. I became friends with one of them, she was a few years older than me. So she told her friends sister who is one year older than me than she should call me because she is close to my age.So now we are good friends, I have never met her. Then one day I was on the phone with her and she didnt have email access where she was so she asked me to e-mail her friend, so i emailed her from my email, and after a while we also started emailing back and forth we have only spoken on the phone a few times. I am even closer with her than with the first friend i dont know. And im not friends anymore with the one who made this all happen.

  17. I had to write too about having a friend that I never met. It was about a year ago… One afternoon I received a text message from an unknown number. I don’t know exactly why, but I answered back. He seemed nice and had an excellent sense of humor… needless to say we continued to text back and forth the rest of the night! The following day, on my way to work he text again and we just went on from there. He was in the military, so he was back and forth alot to training. The texting continued until he left the States for some trainging… then we started emailing each other. During this time I was dating someone and my new penpal knew about him, and offered his friendship regardless. What a good guy! Anyway things started getting kinda tough with my boyfriend, he just wasn’t treating me like I thought I deserved. My penpal was there to listen, offered advice, and even knew stuff about the guy I was dating through other friends of his… to make a long story short, he told me I deserved better, and helped me to believe it. He was there for me during a very difficult time and even though at times he was in another country… he made me feel as though he was always with me!! In late March of this year, he was injured very badly, and later lost his life. He was a brave military man, and died doing what he loved. I was sad, and angry all at the same time… until my mom helped me realize that he was an angel sent to me to help me through a difficult time. There’s still days that I get angry… and even more days that I’m sad, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of him… and what he did for me. And for that I will forever be grateful! He will always and forever be my Soldier Boy!! Missin him tons…

  18. That was really touching about carol and her close online freind. I have one too. My online freind Deb or nightfaeri lives in Wisconsin and me ain Florida. WE HAVE NEVER MET but email and chat all the the time about everything for the past 6 yrs! We met on an online special interest forum group. We have kept our freind ship up ever since. One day we may meet, but she’s best freind I have online. and vice versa.

  19. Hi there!

    How’s your day?
    Lots of your readers seem to have such creative writing lately. Maybe because of your newsletters that inspire them.. Keep up with the great job!

    Thanks for the newsletters always.
    good night!

  20. I have a hearty laugh, when I read your messages, although some of them are really serious. My story about friend is unusual too, but not because I have never met him. Four years ago I met a man at the fitness club. I asked him for help with a heavy weight, so we have a speaking acquaintance. He knew how much I appreciate his help in lifting weights, but he never understood how much he impressed me with his affability, politeness, and intellect. He placed confidence and understanding in me. Friendship between woman and man same time is very doubtful, but you have to trust me we are just a good friends. We have seen each other and told about our different cultures (I’m originally from Europe.), fitness exercises, colleges, beautiful places in the United States for visiting, about our kids (his wife expected their first baby at that time) e.c. He left this place March 2005 to dedicate himself to his career (His other friend explained.) He is a cop, and I believe hi is really good in his work. Then in about a year I have changed this fitness club too. I haven’t seen him since we left, but some time I feel his presence so close. Unfortunately I couldn’t recognize him, although his handsome smile and good looking face stand engraved in my memory. Fortunately I didn’t see him a long time, but I always will remember him as a good friend.

  21. hi bob
    i also met a friend on the internet .6 yrs ago .i was new …still learning how to type lol..[using one finger.. pecking away ]lol …we was on yahoo chat ..we said hello …and away he went typing …while i was looking for a letter to hit lol ..it was like magic .. i didn’t wan’t him to get away ..but thought no one would wait on me typing lol.. i finally got the word typed .. ‘ples wait on me “i am new at this ..lol..we had so much in common . music,family ,honesty …we share our family pictures ,jokes ,music, if i need to know any thing …i send him a message .. and i can count on him to give me the advice that i need ..as soon as he gets on his computer…we have never met .. he lives about 10hrs away ..due to his and mine relations with family now .. it may not ever happen . he is like a guiding angel in some ways . we do not chat much now for i have recent gotten married . i told my husband before we exchanged vowes about my friend . he said “no problem ” now they exchange emails some . sincerly yours polly

  22. Hi,
    It was great to know that so many people have
    friendship bond even they haven’t met each
    other.It is really touching.I want to say to all of them”KEEP IT UP”

  23. Hey Bob! I am 15 years old and I love reading your newsletters! They brighten my week. 🙂 Anyway, in your last newsletter, you asked that if us readers knew of someone who had an inspirational story, then we should share it. Well, I am that person. When I was 11 months old, I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. CF is the number one genetic killer of children. I could not gain weight or digest my food and I was always sick and I always had a cough. I could not go out to public places much because I would always catch something and then I would get sick and it would take me days or weeks to get over it.
    Then when I was five years old, I started taking glyconutrients. After three months, I started to gain weight and digest my food. I still get sick like everyone else, but it just takes 2-3 days to get better. I go to school and I am a normal teenager. I am just so happy to be alive and healthier than I have ever been! I thank God everyday for the blessings I have.

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