The More The Merrier!

As I strolled down the sidewalk of my neighborhood, I spotted Mrs. Bradley tending to her garden. Approaching her with a smile, I said, “Hello, Mrs. Bradley! Such a lovely spring morning it is, isn’t it?”

Mrs. Bradley looked up from her work, “Hi there, Bob! Yes, it is!”

As we exchanged pleasantries, I couldn’t help but notice a hint of discomfort. “Is everything alright, Mrs. Bradley? You seem a bit preoccupied today,” I asked.

She sighed, “You see, my grand kids, they used to join me every year for our traditional Easter egg hunt in the backyard. This year, they’re caught up in their own lives and it feels a bit lonely without them.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs. Bradley. It must be tough not having your family by your side for Easter.” I said.

She nodded, “Indeed, it is but I suppose that’s the way of life—things change, people grow. This truth is just hard to accept sometimes.”

I felt for her and I said, “You know, Mrs. Bradley, traditions may evolve, but the spirit of Easter remains the same—filled with love and hope. Perhaps you could start a new tradition.”

She looked at me with curiosity, “And how would I go about doing that, Bob?”

I said excitedly, “I was thinking of baking Easter cookies with Aaliyah and my niece Rachel. Would you like to join us, Mrs. Bradley? It could be a new tradition for us. Perhaps next year, we could all celebrate with your grand kids too.”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh, Bob, that sounds absolutely perfect. It means more to me than you know.”

I returned her smile, “It’s my pleasure, Mrs. Bradley. After all, what’s Easter without close ones!”

Inviting Mrs. Bradley and sharing the festivities with her felt nice. It made me realize that sometimes, it’s the simple acts of kindness and inclusion that make the biggest impact in the lives of those around us. You never know the joy and healing it may bring. This Easter, celebrate with loved ones and if you know someone who might be alone, reach out to make their holiday brighter too. Happy and Hoppy Easter, every one! May your Easter basket be filled with joy, happiness, and peace!


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