Something Special And Some Chocolate!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Not a bad week, eh?! It was good for the world and for us I would like to believe. The Syrian crisis was averted to a good extent. Of all countries, United States of America and Russia reached an agreement to give peace a chance. Unlikely allies, but a likeable result, wouldn’t you say? On the personal front, things are good for me. How about you guys? How was your weekend? Had fun, huh? That said let us get on with the events and emotions for the week, shall we?

Chocolate Day 2013 [Sep 23]

I love the girls in my life: Aaliya, Megan, Kate and Rachel my niece. And my girls love chocolates and I myself have a big sweet tooth. Well, we generally don’t need any excuse to splurge on our favorite dessert, but again there is an irresistible excuse given to us on a platter. Chocolate Day is here. You won’t believe how excited we are. We have the license to buy all those ecstatic brown ones from stores around the country and feast to our fill.

The best part, we bake cakes out of it when we get to it. We do this every year and I don’t see why this year will be any different. So if you are looking for a serving of the best delicacy in the world, stop by our abode!

Kiss Day 2013 [Sep 24]

The most important day this month for me: Kiss Day! You know, for obvious reasons. My couch is neat. The lights are eye hurting; there is a light breeze through strategically opened window somewhere. There is desirable aroma in the air… And then there is soft music.

And I myself am there along with my beloved, Aaliyah!

I don’t know about kissing, but this setting with her is absolute bliss. We are smiling our content smile and are holding each for a delectable kiss. Such a beautiful moment is personal and so I stop here. As for you, I would venture a guess that you would make this day as romantic as I have made it or better.

Cute Cards

You know the best part about love and friendship? Reassurance. Yes, the reassurance that we are loved and wanted by a lover or a friend is a beautiful feeling. We oftentimes text or just call up and say that we love them or maybe visit them and say that. But what makes it special is by saying it through characters that are cute like we have designed in our cute greeting cards. The cute characters that are there will profess love, care and much more.

This ploy is a sure-shot winner if you are trying to make the individual smile and feel your love at the same time. It has worked for millions, so why don’t you give it a try?


Birthdays are special and everyone happens to have one. There is no discrimination on this day. This is the only day one can be a hero for the day no matter what he or she has achieved in their life. On such a day, let us take a pledge to make the birthday boy/ girl feel very special.

There are quite a few people who make the day all about themselves rather than the protagonist and that is not fair at all. Let us give the limelight to the guy or girl whose day it is. We should be mature about it and not spoil the day for them in our desire to up the fun quotient. It is happening quite often and it is not a pretty sight.

Birthdays are special for the ones who were born on that day. Let us give them good memories. Sending a birthday card to them would be a good way to start doing that.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Kiss Day 2015 [Sep 24]

Send Kiss Day 2013 Greetings!
Send Kiss Day 2013 Greetings!


Send Cute Cards Greetings!
Send Cute Cards Greetings!

Happy Birthday

Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!

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