Send A Smile, Will You?

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,
It is not every day that you find the time and space to be with your loved ones. I was fortunate to have such a weekend this time around. It was good to see all the near and dear ones under one roof and the best part was the memories being told and retold. Everyone had genuine joy in their eyes and it was a sight to behold. Once in a while such a gathering gives you the positive energy that we desperately need in times like these. Let us take a look at the events and emotions of the week.

Ask a Stupid Question Day 2013 [Sep 30]

There is no question in the world that is stupid. That’s a fact. Yes, any question that deserves an answer is a good question. Any question that enlightens a human being is a good question. In fact, the difference between animals and humans is this art of asking questions. Only when you ask a question would you find an answer. Only when you pose a problem as a question you would find solution as the answer.

Always ask questions, whether stupid or not. But on Ask a Stupid Question try your best and ask a stupid question that warrants a smile!

Send a Smile Day 2013 [Oct 4]

The toughest thing in the world is to make a person laugh heartily. Do you know why is it tough? Somehow humans over the ages have forgotten the need to be happy. They lust for money and materials and have forgotten that they have a soul to feed. Soul smiles and heart laughs. Remember that!

If you can make a soul smile, you have increased the life span of that individual. You never know how many lives you can save if you possess the art of making someone smile.

Send a smile and smile please!


We just now discussed about making someone smile, sure it does make the other person feel good, but do you know what makes an individual feel proud?

It is recognition that makes a man feel proud. Human beings have this trait of showcasing their pride. Also satiating their pride is an important chore for them in their lifetime. And to that end one demands recognition for the things they achieve. It is only fair that we recognize their efforts and congratulate them and make them feel good, wouldn’t you say?

Efforts that go unrewarded are seldom repeated. Remember that!

At Work

When we are talking about recognition and rewards, can workplace be far behind?

Yes, we work for money, but I strongly believe that the earnings we make are just the by-product of our efforts and not the only reason for our existence in the workplace. That is simply not the case. An office environment is like a second home to everyone. There is a family out there. There is bonding, there are heart breaks, there are good times and there are shoulders that support bad days.

It is high time we humanize the workplace.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Send a Smile Day 2015 [Oct 2]

Send a Smile Day 2013 Greetings!
Send a Smile Day 2013 Greetings!

Big Hugs For The Achievements!

Send Congratulations Greetings!
Send Congratulations Greetings!

Take A Break Therapy!

Send At Work Greetings!
Send At Work Greetings!

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