Recipe to Beat the Winter Blues!


Call it “Winter Blues” or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), it affects half a million people in America during the winter months causing mood disorders and melancholy. With the waning sun and variations in light a dullness envelopes our daily lives dragging us down. It is said that three out of four women fall prey to this syndrome.

I live with the love of my life, Aaliyah and since past week she is gravely affected by the perpetual gray environ set by the winters. So, I decided to fill her in with some hope, light and laughter. I am the muse she has who will cast a spell and the darkness will dissipate.

I know for sure that pleasures are what we fill ourselves with but joy is who we are inherently. We are sad because we are separated from our true selves.

I called in my friend Adrian and decided to bake chocolate cake for Aaliyah and the bunch of children who come on the evenings to work on creative projects along with her.

Cakes are what she craves for and are her all-time favorites; she even has a list of various flavors for different moods and it is posted on the refrigerator door and I have often seen her trying the flavors on me.


Going by her list we picked on the Dark Chocolate Cake with brown sugar cream cheese frosting. Soon the somber kitchen of hers was at sea now as the two ‘experts’ were in. The flour was flying all over the place. Aaliyah was away with May, Adrian’s fiancé, and I hoped and prayed for them to stay away so that we get some time to clean up.

Soon the vanilla and dark chocolate aroma filled our nostrils invoking a deep sense of enthusiasm and the rapturous smell of the baking spread in the house like good news.

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The brown sugar cream cheese filling and covering was ready. We layered the cake and decorated the top smudging it and decorating with silver sprinklers. The glossy icing looked stunning and surprisingly it shone not just on the cake but on our faces as well and we laughed and wondered how the women do all of this without the mess.

Before, we could clean up, she was there. There was a moment of sinful silence followed by chuckles. The Groundhog’s moment was here as we rescued the old monk from the bottles and sliced the heavenly dark chocolate cake. I saw her smiling face and it was all I needed to keep me warm.

So, friends be the sunshine for the ones you love this winter.

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