Do You Speak The Language Of Love?


Te amo’ in Spanish and Latin, ‘Je t’aime’ in French, ‘Ich liebe dich’ in German, ‘S’agapo in Greek, ‘Aloha wau ia oe’ in Hawaiian, ‘Ya tebya lyublyu’ in Russian, ‘Phom rak khun’ to female and ‘Chan rak khun’ to male in Thai, ‘Ninapenda wewe’ in Swahili, ‘Wo ai ni’ in Mandarin, ‘Mi aime jou’ in Creole or ‘I Love you’ in English, the magical words send you whirling up the spiral of life in joy which is recognized by your heart. Love is an elixir which increments when shared with folks and friends. It is the love and romance week amigos! So, speak the language of love alone.

So enjoy the journey to Valentine’s Day this week, stop at the junctions to celebrate its various aspects. Starting from Rose Day on 7th , Propose Day on 8th , Chocolate Day On 9th, Teddy Bear Day On 10th , Make a New Friend Day and Promise Day on 11th, Hug Day on 12th, Kiss Day on 13th to Heart to Heart Day , Single Awareness Day along with Valentine’s Day on 14th of Feb.

Send our greetings crafted for all occasions, just for you and your love. Cheers!


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