No Negative Self – Talk!

Last evening Adrian and I had a quick catch-up right before little Jane’s performance for Dance Day. For some reason, he was a little off. I ordered two lattes and then asked him, “What’s the matter?”

“I feel that I don’t carry out my job well. Whenever something important is given to me, I mess up. I am unable to do it properly. I should be a bit more careful,” He said.

“Calm down and tell me what exactly happened!” I said.

“My boss had given me important work, but I planned it in the wrong way. All thanks to it the end result was disastrous! Then my wife asked me to get a new flower vase which she had specially ordered as her mom would be here. On the way back, I dropped and broke it. I’m telling you, Bob, I’m no good!” He said.

Adrian was simply having a bad day and we all have that. It’s quite natural to feel this way. However, it’s one thing to be upset about and prevent such mistakes. And, it’s a different thing to feel that he is not enough and is of no good. The latter is not a wise approach.

“Okay, now listen! We all do silly mistakes and I agree they lead to blunders. So, about the work thing, you just have to be careful next time. Now, about breaking the flower vase, well you were simply disturbed and unmindful. As a result, the incident happened!” I suggested.

“Could be, I just feel bad! It’s all my fault! I’m so bad at doing things!” He replied.

“Look, Adrian, it’s good to realize our fault but it’s not wise to talk negatively about ourselves.

That will directly affect your self-esteem and self-love. Moreover, that way we give out the wrong and negative energy to the universe. That soon becomes our aura! So, never do that. Just be mindful while executing work and give your best! Simple!” I said.

“You’re right, Bob! I should not engross myself in negative self-talk. I’ll do as you say! He said and then the rest of the evening we enjoyed our cup of coffee and from there headed to watch Jane’s dance performance.

Often people drown themselves in self-negative talks without realizing the harm. While being an honest critic is good but being harsh to ourselves with our words is not right. The words we speak are powerful and create an impact on the universe. They can both uplift or pull us down. Never say anything that can bring down your morale or self-love down! So, choose the words that define you wisely!

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