A Second Chance!

Last evening, Mrs. Bradley and I were out for a walk after April Showers. On our way back we decided to stop by a cafe to have coffee. As we spoke, Mrs. Bradley got a call. She saw it ring but didn’t receive it. The person was trying his luck again but she declined.

“Sorry, Bob! Let me just put it on silent mode!” She said with an awkward smile and kept her phone aside. She looked a little disturbed.

“What happened? Is everything okay?” I asked.

She sighed and looking at me said, “Actually my cousin brother, and I had a fallout years back. He had wronged me for which there had been many misunderstandings in the family. I had severed all ties with him but since last week he is calling me to fix things,” She replied.

“And, what is he saying?” I asked.

“He is saying that he has realized his mistake and wants to mend things now!” She replied.

“And, you don’t want to?” I asked.

“I am in a dilemma, Bob! I don’t know. My mind tells me that I should not meet him whereas my heart says that I should listen to him at least once. He is asking for a ‘second chance’,” She said.

Taking a sip of my coffee, I said, “Look, I understand that it was serious. Now, whether you will give him another chance or not is totally your call. But, in general, we should not hold onto grudges or any negative feelings. Realization is a big thing! At that time it is best to forgive and move on. All we can do is not be naive again and let go of the past!” I said.

“So you are suggesting that I should forgive and hear him out?” She asked.

“In my opinion, first listen to him. And, then if your heart can then forgive him. Forgiveness gives a lot of inner peace and spreads good energies!” I replied.

“Hhhmmm…I think you are right, Bob! I should talk to him once. And if it feels right then forgive and let go!” She said.

“Yes, do that and see. It’s going to be so relieving!” I said and then the rest of the evening we enjoyed over a coffee.

Forgiving and moving on are not always easy! However, doing that fills us with inner peace. We are able to heal better and move on. Also, we all make mistakes. And, giving a second chance to a person who has realized and wants to mend things is not a bad idea! Give a second chance! Bonds and relationships are way too precious!

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