Miracle Happens Even Before We Realize It

It was Sunday! We were all at Kate’s place planning for Easter while enjoying the sumptuous brunch and refreshing drinks. This year we are looking forward to spending the day outside.

Megan, Kate, Aaliyah and Donna were checking out the new places. Steve, Adrian and I were given the task of making a good playlist for that day for the long drive.

The doorbell rang! It was Jane! Kate’s niece and our favorite! “Hey, Uncle Bob!” She said with excitement and came running. She hugged me. Her hands were full of boxes. She smiled and greeted every one.

“Hey, Jane! How have you been?” All of us asked.

“I am good. I missed you all. So, when aunt Kate said that you all are coming I thought of meeting you all and surprising you with the blueberry cheesecake that I have baked with a little help from my mom,” She replied.

“That’s wonderful! We missed you too!” We all said.

Then she started distributing the slices of the cake. I went to help her.

“So Jane, tell me about your Easter plans!” I asked.

“Oh, I am super excited about the Easter Fun Cruise. But before that, I will be praying and starting my day.” She replied.

“That’s wonderful! Nothing beats starting the day with prayers that too on such a day!” I expressed.

“Yes, Uncle Bob. My mom tells me to always have gratitude prayer when our prayers are answered. I was very sick till last week. So much so that I couldn’t go to school and was hopeless about the Easter plans that I am looking forward to,” She replied.

“And, then? Now, are you better?” I asked.

“Oh yes! I’m doing well. With more rest, I will be perfect! While I was on medicine my mom prayed day and night. She asked me to do the same with full faith so that I became fine. She was right! See, I can enjoy Easter now!” She answered with a smile and quickly went with the slices to distribute to everyone.

Soaking in what Jane had said right before Easter felt nice and significant. It kept me thinking. There are so many instances in life when we think that we won’t be able to make it only to see us win later on. How does that happen? Definitely with the blessings of Almighty!  With faith in the almighty miracle happens even before we realize it. And, there is nothing greater than being grateful for every time that we are blessed. Let’s never take that for granted!  Happy Easter, everyone!

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