Keeping The Basics Right

Last evening, I was back from work and enjoying my mint-flavored green tea with salad. Aaliyah was not at home as she was out to do some last moment changes in plans for Easter. I dimmed the hall room and played some countryside music. Therapeutic and peaceful you see! Then I watched some comedy shows on television especially because it is Humor Month! I love spending time like this.

People often ask me, “Bob what keeps you so happy and going every day?” To them, I always say that I always keep my basics right. Yes, you read that right and what are the basics? Let me share them with you!

While I was growing up, my mom had taught me a few things that she felt kept us happy and going!

“Three things matter a lot Bob and they are – how you start the day, how you spend the entire day, and how you end it – following these simple things will take care of the rest!” She had said.

That has stayed with me ever since then. So, I follow these simple things.

Firstly, I make sure to start the day with gratitude and look forward to the new day. Then I go for a walk or exercise to boost my health. This is of course followed by a healthy breakfast.

Secondly, the entire day I make sure to not let things around me get overwhelming. How do I do that? I detach myself from the outcome and enjoy my work. I give my best and take regular breaks. It helps me to stay aligned with the timeline without losing my sanity.

Lastly, after work, I make sure to catch up with my close friends or do some fun activities with Aaliyah. After which I spend some time alone either reading a book or listening to music. That is my ‘me time’ which is very essential.

My day is spanned out in a way where I keep stress at bay by taking care of the basics. Trying to live every moment (even at work) and not just on weekends. It’s not that one or two days you will never miss as that happens! But, what matters is consistency and diligence. It’s not one day but living each day mindfully is what improves the quality of life. Keep these basics right and see what wonders they do!


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