Love Yourself A Little More!

Last evening when I was watching a movie and giving belly rub to Kong the doorbell rang. It was Alan! His face was red, his eyes were puffy. It was evident that he had been crying all this while.

“What happened?” I asked and let him sit on the couch. I offered him water. He took a few sips and then started speaking.

“Last week I went to Ohio to meet my girlfriend. Things weren’t fine. I found out that she was no more into me and there was no way to fix this. We broke up! We ended things mutually.” He said.

“I am so sorry to hear this! This is difficult, I know!” I said.

“I still have feelings for her, Bob, and I do miss her. I have been telling myself that it is okay but today, I simply started having flashbacks. The memories are painful!” He expressed and a tear rolled down his cheeks.

“Alan, breakup is painful, we all know but life goes on. Release this pain and take time to heal. Don’t expect it to go away quickly. Give yourself that time and slowly start moving on. Cherish the memories but don’t stay stuck,” I advised.

“Yes, I will. I have to slowly do the things that are necessary for coming out of this!” He agreed.

“And, one more thing! Don’t forget to love yourself a little more during this time. This works wonders!” I said. He smiled and said, “I will, I promise!”

Then I ordered his favorite cuisine and some cake slices for us to make the night a little better for him.

Dealing with a heartbreak is not easy. It is painful, difficult, and hard. It takes time and we should not rush. We should give ourselves enough time and space to move on and heal. Take active steps in coming out of it. Being mindful and reminding yourself that everything will get better helps. And, in the process love yourself a little more. That way it will be easier and better for the heart!


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