Let’s Celebrate Boss’s Day and Sweetest Day This Week!

This week is the perfect time for all of us to be thankful to the people who guide, mentor and teach us the useful skills we all use every day to further our careers and ourselves.

On October 16 we have Boss’s Day. This day was created in 1958 by a woman named Patricia Bays Haroski. She wanted to create a special day in the office to provide the appreciation she thought her boss deserved and she also chose this date to reflect her father’s birthday.

Most companies and businesses celebrate this day by exchanging small tokens of gratitude. This Boss’s Day, I will be sending my boss, Steve a box of his favorite candy to show my recognition of his hard work.

Candy is the perfect gift for your boss too, because on October 18, we come together for Sweetest Day. This day was created by the candy industry to increase the sale of sweets. It is also a day to bestow romantic deeds or expressions and being appreciative to those around you.

Let’s be our sweet self and create something we can share forever. Sending a cute card, a short email or lovely note can make someone’s day. We can be the light that shines down on them and also reaching out is also a great way to stay in contact with people.

Boss’s Day
October16, 2014

Send Boss’s Day !
Send Boss’s Day !

Sweetest Day
October 18, 2014

Send Sweetest Day Ecard!
Send Sweetest Day Ecard!

October31, 2014

Send Halloween Ecard!
Send Halloween Ecard!

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