Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Yesterday morning, Steve, Aaliyah and I were planting a few saplings in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. World Environment Day is here so we are making sure to make it a better planet for all of us. When we got back to my place Aaliyah went for a quick shower and both Steve and I sat and enjoyed our glass of ice tea.

Steve was fidgeting with his phone and was not calm. “What happened?” I asked.

“Ummmm… Bob tell me something! Do you feel if it’s too late to apologize then we should not go ahead with the apology? Like at times the feeling of guilt hits us after years when it would not even matter to the other person. So what should we do then?” He asked.

“Well, I feel that whenever we realize our mistakes we must own up. An honest apology must be expressed to the person. It lessens the heaviness in our hearts and lets the other person know that we are extremely sorry! Also, who knows it can pave the way for fresh new beginnings,” I expressed.

“But, what if the other person doesn’t accept?” He asked.

“Then that is up to that person! But, that should not stop us from apologizing. It is not in our hands how the other person will react but if we feel he or she deserves an apology, then we should go ahead!” I replied.

“Thank you so much, Bob. Today I will visit one of my friends who has come to the city. I will tell him that I was wrong. Years ago we had fallen out, but I will try to fix it. I will let him know that I have realized and ask him to forgive me,” He said.

“Yes, do that! I will pray that it goes down well. ” I replied and we enjoyed a healthy breakfast that we had ordered from our favorite breakfast joint.

An apology shows our sincere efforts in valuing the other person. It shows how we have grown above the situation. Quick or late, whenever the realization hits we must act on it. We should not live with the regret of not letting the other person know. It also gives us a chance to fix things. We learn and we grow! It also paves the way for better bonding and understanding of human relationships.

So, it’s never too late to apologize. If you feel you must, then do it today!


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