Becoming A Better Version Of Ourselves

Last evening Adrian and I were watching a web series together. We were munching on barbecue chicken pizza and mixed sauce pasta. There was a college scene of three friends in the show and that made us both nostalgic. We paused there. The two of us looked at each other.

“Those days were so much fun! I still can’t believe that so many years have passed by!” Expressed Adrian.

“Exactly! It’s Graduation month and I can still remember how we were cheering for one another that day years back! And, also those nights before the submission of our assignments. How I had to wake you up!” I replied. Adrian laughed. Then he paused and was lost in thoughts.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Bob, do you feel that every decision that you have taken since then has been right? And, if not then how do you deal with bad decisions?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t consider any decision to be a bad one. I am grateful for both good and the not-so-good decisions. A good decision gives us the expected outcome and we are happy. There comes a sense of fulfillment with it. However, the decisions which have not been that great, I am still thankful for them,” I said.

“What? But why? Don’t you feel any regrets?” He asked.

“Not really! I look at them as a learning experience. Unless we fall, we will not get the chance to get up. We understand the ground-level realities better when things don’t work out. So you see, bad decisions are good in a way. They shape you up and make you come back stronger! Hence, I have no regrets!” I replied.

 “That’s one nice perspective, Bob! I never thought this way. I am glad I took a silly decision to be an actor on stage during my college days. I did not become an actor but I did get the chance to be a close friend of yours during rehearsals,” He expressed and I smiled.

The rest of the web series could wait but our excitement to go out for an evening walk and hit the pub just like college days could not. So we decided to go with the excitement and had a great evening!

Our not so good decisions don’t define us. It blesses us with experiences that help us to grow. What we learn and how we apply the learning in our lives is what makes a huge difference. It helps us to evolve and become a better version of ourselves. And, in the end, only that matters!


About Editor Bob

Bob is the Editor of the free weekly newsletter of world’s leading online greetings site, is a friend, philosopher and guide. He loves to observe people, cultures and life closely. Romantic at his heart he is an avid reader and traveler. He is popular as an encyclopedia of global events. He shares ways to make each day a celebration. He loves to share new perspectives on life’s seamless challenges. His newsletter is packed with ways and means to enhance the quality of your life and turn it into a celebration. He believes in affinity and works towards adding value to you and your relationships.

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