If Life Were A Song, How Will You Sing It?


The Fourth of July fireworks lit up the otherwise grey, cloud-laden sky. The pattering of the rain is in sync with the beating of the drums and marching of the soldiers in the parade.

I have been too occupied with my work lately and have had little time away from my work or mundane chores or the ever increasing woes of life in general.

Today, I decided to just stand and witness the parade from the rooftop and it is incredible to witness the marching bands and colorful floats.

The blah mindset shifts to an aha moment whenever I look at the liveliness on the faces of the marching soldiers, the chivalry, the pride, the enthusiasm and the feeling of patriotism which is radiated as they march together on this glorious day of independence.

It is splendid feeling to belong to someone or someplace. The spirit of communion, sharing and brotherhood is incredibly uplifting. It can change an ordinary day into a celebration.

Today isn’t an ordinary day. It is the day when efforts of many wise and mighty warriors resolved into the formation of a great nation. When an ordinary document of common visions and missions of thirteen colonies inscribed by Thomas Jefferson and his committee turned into the Declaration of Independence.

Just like that if we consider life as a song. It is not just about finding your own voice rather it is also about blending it with the voice of the choir and creating a beautiful and melodious symphony.

Sometimes it demands of you to sing loud and lead and sometimes it calls you to lower your pitch to blend with the tone, volume, pitch, timbre and rhythm of your group. There are times when you have to remain muted and let others take over and sing a couplet or two but in the end of the concert you gather the applause together. You outperform yourself.

So, as this day passes us by and we are enjoying the barbeques and picnics or having fun with friends and family or sharing greetings and making someone’s day or simply enjoying a jaunt to the coast we must not forget to connect with the spirit of this great day, hug and accept our loved ones, kiss the differences and find a common purpose to march bravely and cheerfully together.

Happiness Always!


See you in the comments.

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