How Aware Are You Of Your Body?


“No! This is too bad! Will you please click properly?” I asked my office buddy for the fifth time irate at the kind of pictures he was clicking of me for my LinkedIn profile with his latest phone which has high-end camera and best of filters. He finally gave up on me and transferred the ugly shots to me. I was flustered, embarrassed and dazed when I glanced at those images. Was it really me? When did I put on so much weight? The skin under my eyes are sunken deep, dark and hollow as if deprived of sleep for so many nights. My body has retained water and looks soggy and bloated up.

Just sometime back I received so many compliments from everyone on my Facebook profile picture. Wait a second! That picture was clicked almost 3 years back. Shoot! How time had passed? I didn’t even realize. So what happened in the past three years that I did this to myself? I was wondering.

I took a good look at myself in the washroom before getting dressed for the night. I freaked out at what I noticed. My entire body which was once an object of pride for me had become achingly loose and limp, swollen and voluminous. “Why didn’t I pay attention?” I cursed myself.

My mind tried to spin a story in defense but I knew what my body was trying to tell me. It wanted me to come back home to it. I had wandered too far in search of that perfect dream we think life really is while in reality life just is. Just one more chase, just one more milestone, just one more time, just another drink so on and so forth and we will be there. Unfortunately, we cease to realize that we have to be at a pace in life where all parts of us can get aligned and move together.

I had ignored my body, I had many excuses for it, the break up, the work stress, hormonal imbalance, PMS, finance crunch which made me resort to cheaper food options and so on. I ignored all the signals which my body was dropping each time. Be it an upset tummy, acidity and headache, hair fall and rashes on my skin.

I rested on the bed that night with an intention to talk to my body. I took deep breaths to clear my racing mind and was surprised by what was revealed to me.

Our bodies love us. It has an intelligence and it talks to us, it expresses in beautiful and unexpected ways. My body wanted me to be aware of what I was indulging in, it wanted me to go for the morning walk and work out. It plead me to take it light and easy. I rescheduled all my days in the calendar keeping a two complete hours dedicated for my mind and body alignment and called it my well-being hours.

Every emotion is first felt as a vibration in the body. It lets us know when we need to get off the wagon or when to do more. Listen and you will know. I learn new things about my body each day.

Just last night I was about to indulge in another helping of the sweet pudding served at the table, when I felt uneasy in my gut and backed off. Our bodies tell us when it is hungry for food, love, cuddle or a positive stroke. We need not look at the clock and time our eating rather it should be timed as per our biological clock. Eat when hungry else not.

It is fun to work with my body, challenging it into the different postures of yoga or squats. I am loving the refreshed relationship. The body is supporting me fully. I have developed a love for rowing and it is shaping and toning me perfectly, filling me with renewed energy.

All I give it is my awareness and my love. I am grateful to it as it keeps my spirits high.

Strange, when I dropped the candy while opening the wrapper in haste, my mind was upset while my body sighed with relief and I laughed to myself, “No sugar, Babe!”

I am getting ready for the perfect click. Are you?

Happy International Women’s Day! Be a true celebration to yourself. Take care.


International Women’s Day
March 08, 2018
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March 1, 2018
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