Everyone Gets The Same Amount Of Sun Today!

Spring is here. The arrival of Spring Equinox also marks the start of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, the most important celebration in greater Persia. In NYC it will start from the Tuesday night.

The best part about living in the Big Apple is our exposure to so much of culture and arts of the world. Last night I was invited for the Nowruz dinner by a Persian family known to us for a long time and it was a delightful evening.

I especially relished the vegetables garnished with rose petals and the tamarind-stuffed fish platter. Aaliyah stuck to bowl of Iranian noodle soup loaded with herbs.

The sherbets and sheereenee (pastries and sweets) along with Iranian chai (tea) are delicious and we never miss it despite of following the ketogenic diet and gym routines strictly on the other days.

If you slacked off for 2019, here’s your chance to start anew, along with the earth and the moon and the stars. This is a secular holiday and should be honored and celebrated by everyone who lives on earth.

Everyone gets the same amount of sun today. It is the time to share grace and blessings with loved ones, share hope, vitality, courage, creativity, fertility and abundance.

Spring clean your house, purify your head, wear new clothes, take a deep breath, and be good to yourself and others, near and far. Call your loved ones to wish Nowruz. Do you know Iranians take a complete 13 days off of work for the holiday and visit all of their friends and family? The best part is the ones they visit will come back to visit them during the 13 days, so the concept is often known as ‘to see and see again.’

It is time we gear up for new beginnings in our life and be prepared to share the joy with all.


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