Love Conquers It All!

If you function from a space of love, you will have the power to win over any battle in life. Just let love take over and let the ego take a backseat when challenging times knock at your doorstep.

I was sitting in my living room looking outside through the full-length glass window panes, rattling in the wind blowing rather furiously uprooting the vines and bushes and breaking the stiff trees that refused to bow down, the wind chimes on the trees jangling and the birds yowling away. I thought about my favorite thing, life.

Isn’t life just like that? Unsolicited challenges come our way in full swing and every little thing we collected and hoarded blows away with the wind, every decoration drops, many pseudo friends isolate us and we are left with only those who know how to bend and stay flexible in times of change like these old friends of mine, the trees which bent and survived the storm.

Last night, I got a call from my friend Kim who had recently come back from the rehab and was suffering from relapsing syndromes. But, fortunately, now she had her entire family by her side lovingly supporting her to fight the battle with alcoholism. She is currently suffering from post acute withdrawal syndrome. During this stage, one has fewer physical symptoms, but more emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Kim who started as a social drinker became a tippler after her breakup. Love empowers you but if you get attached, it can ruin you. She recounted her pain of cutting the emotional cords with her boyfriend. She said,“I am not just fighting the alcohol addiction, but I am fighting my addiction to him, I find myself smelling the things he has left behind trying to find his fragrance that still lingers in my memory, I feel his sweatshirt against my body. I stock him on the social forums.” I asked her what can she make out of the whole situation now, what she said might be an answer to many of you looking for love in the wrong things and inappropriate places.

She said, “when my siblings and mom came over to help me go through the storm, I realized the stability in the love which poured unconditionally and which needed no adornment, it was the purest form of love, the love in helping the other to come up, the love in giving, in serving and in accepting.”

Love isn’t your addiction, it isn’t your ornament, it is the most beautiful when it is raw and has no conditions to fulfill. You know it is there even if it isn’t worded. Love has the power to conquer it all, let it shine forth. Just let go of the garments of ego and embrace it.You will never need something else to complete you if you can simply embody it. The challenges will not stand a chance if you deal with them with love.

My kitten jumped up on my lap and I gave her a warm hug and thanked her for the love it embodies which connects it to me, the warm doughnuts and a cup of joe sat on the kitchen table, left there by my beloved Aaliyah with a note that said, “wash the dishes and put out the garbage and do not litter.” Now that’s what I call love without decorations.



Love Conquers All Day,
Jun 3, 2016
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Jun 4, 2016
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Jun 5, 2016
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