Love Is Knocking On Your Door!

When love knocks on your door,

you may not acknowledge it,

you may not recognize it.

Feelings of familiarity arises recognition.

Love comes in all forms to visit…

It will keep knocking on your door…

In a million disguises,

numbness, heartbreak, struggles…

It will appear in some form,

only to catch your attention,

to remind you what is forgotten.

In the midst of this fantastic show,

love is all the distractions…

Love is all there is…

Then the aha moment hits home.

Not only have you known this love…

You are this Love!”

And the door swings wide open…

to welcome this love,

from within and without…

Love is always knocking on your door,

Not from the outside,

but from within.

You are this Unconditional Love,

you seek outside of you.

A love that lives forever…

The love that YOU are…

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About Brigid Doyle

This body is 49 years of age. I am a mother of two teenagers. We live in a small town in Ireland. I am a hairstylist. It appears I play many roles. However, in reality I don't exist at all. And yet the world appears as the manifestation of this immense nothingness that shines. 4 years ago I realized my true nature and the true nature of all things. Since then these poems flow effortlessly. Contact me at

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