The Life Changing Power of Words

Could your life forever be changed by only one thing?

I have experienced dynamic changes in my life because of a few words. Words can have better or worse impact on your life.

I was in fourth grade when I erred in a school project because I wasn’t a dab hand at drawing. The teacher walked up to me, visibly annoyed and spoke five words that had an effect on my personality for a long time. He said, “You are good for nothing!”

I guess, these words did not hit me instantly but had a gradual influence. I started seeing the truth in it when I stumbled at something. The words reverberated in my mind filling me with diffidence. Until one evening my dad’s words pulled me out of the eclipse. His words I remember fell on me like bright rays of the sun bringing everything in the right perspective.

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Those four words helped me define myself. Those words support me when I get into self-doubt even today.

I remember, I was a nervous wreck when he walked into my room. He casually asked me how my day was. I didn’t get through the university I was aiming at and was devastated, I kept reciting the words of my art teacher, “I am good for nothing!”

My dad said, “it’s unfortunate son because all I know is, you are your belief!” I locked my eyes with him and he was smiling. An understanding dawned instantly as if he had unlocked the door that freed me. Since then I have never let someone’s opinion outline who I am. I have created my own beliefs that work well for me. I am watchful of my words and have an affirmation for every negative suggestion.

Words make you profound or foolish. Words can take you towards freedom or push you towards doom. How we use words defines where we are going?

The words we use can nurture our relations or shatter them.

Strangely, when we start a revolution against something it grows in even larger proportions. Haven’t you noticed a rise in obesity rates ever since anti-obesity drive started? Wouldn’t it be better to use words that take you towards the solution and not highlight the trouble area?

Words have power to get manifested especially when we feed them with our belief.

Words… words are all I have to take your heart away…” in the calming voice of Boyzone, was playing in my car one summer morning as I drove to work. The weather was warm with cool breeze making it extremely pleasant. I parked my car and closed my eyes in rapture… I could feel the drizzle on my face and hear the wind sing in my ears.

When I entered office I heard my colleague complain about the wet weather and the haze. He felt sick while I felt rejuvenated. What do you think the only difference was? Our self-talk was different and so was our experience. That’s the power of words.

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