The Butterfly Effect Of The Now!

The Butterfly Effect Of The Now

The major sufferings and diseases are a cumulative effect of miniscule moments of anger, grief, envy and many such negative emotions which get trapped in our cells leading to disease.

It is necessary therefore to nip the evil in the bud. Rectify the moments and it will surely have the butterfly effect on your entire life. Be the catalyst. Be the change.

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I interviewed a few friends of mine who always smile and make the environment around them lighter and easy to live in. I am sure frailties of life touch them too and there are moments of disappointment, but they succeed in transforming the state. Like the butterfly lingers and crawls, stays enclosed in a dark cocoon only to emerge with a splendid wing and rainbow spirit, these people surpass the suffering and do not stay in self-pity or painful memory even when it’s passed them by.

Every individual is different and has various parameters defined for happiness and joy. We have various ways to deal with our problems. Some dwell on sense pleasures others gratify their emotions. Few rise above the mind and body and rejoice in their spirituality.

Some follow the “away-from” while others prefer “towards” approach. Away-from approach is escaping or diverting away from the problem area to give the mind time to absolve whereas towards-approach is moving in the direction of the challenge and not rest until it is resolved. Both approaches are valid as far as you are not draining yourself and moving towards happiness.

I came up with a list of ways to make the moments better thereby enhancing the quality of your life. Sharing it straight from my journal and expecting you will add on to the list and together we will create a butterfly effect for creating abundant joy.

Top 10 Ways To Make Life Better In The Now

1. Take a deep breath and release the resistance.
2. Let stray thoughts be driven away by Go(o)d thoughts.
3. Steer clear of negative environment.
4. Straighten your spine and wear a smile on your face. Physiology has a lot to do with the state of your mind.
5. Recall a happy moment from the story of your life and relive them to be in a positive state of mind. Nurture them more than feeding your woes.
6. Gratify your senses- good food, enchanting fragrances, scenic beauty, walking in the thicket, listening to music, dancing to the beats or anything which has a feel-good factor for you. I generally love to make myself a warm cup of coffee and sit in my special place with a book. It relaxes all my senses and lifts me up instantly. Eventhough it’s an ‘away-from’ approach it works brilliantly.
7. Talking with friends or people who reassure you can put you in a better spot because of the innate human-need for appreciation.
8. Practicing gratitude can elevate you to the zenith of contentment. Each small act of kindness reverberates across great distances and spans of time.
9. Remain awake and aware of where you are in the map of life. When you are aligned with the visions of your life you buy in peace in the moment else the detours can lead you to chaos.
10. The moment is yours so seize it and make the most of it.

This list is not exhaustive and is awaiting your inputs to create a positive butterfly effect. Please drop in your much appreciated comments here or tweet me @BobEditor123 with #WaysToMakeLifeBetterInTheNow

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