A Royal Wedding And A Funeral!

Send a cute hug to your loved oneOsama is dead confirms Obama! In a daring raid deep inside Pakistan, US Armed Forces involved in firefight killed and captured the body of the Most Wanted Terrorist in the world Osama Bin Laden. Emotions run high in US with people thronging the White House premises shouting slogans and rejoicing. There was a sense of justice achieved with this event among the American nationals.

Obama mentioned that he came to know of the sighting of Osama around August and had given the go ahead to move in hot pursuit to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden.

It’s almost a decade now since the 9/11 attacks and this should serve as a highlight in Obama’s reign till date. His speech wasn’t jubilant, but he stressed on the hard work of the security forces and the intelligence community. He reassured that America wouldn’t relent and would go the whole hog in defending its country and its people. The important point he made in his speech was that USA is not in war with Islam, but the terrorists who don’t have any religion whatsoever.

It wasn’t the typical Texan cowboy rhetoric that Bush uttered when Saddam was captured. Obama’s speech was measured and eloquent with a stress on the essentials. Nevertheless, one couldn’t mistake the swagger when left the podium.

A happy man, that!

That said, this man who was killed yesterday was a symbolic figurehead that world despised. His legend has created offshoots that were and are creating havoc all over the world. When there is a death whoever that be, there should be a moment of quiet contemplation and introspection. It would serve good to be calm and look ahead towards… Peace.

With the advent of internet and communication devices world has become quite a small place. Trade and terrorism are outsourced. Religious fervor and rhetoric macho grandstanding has been passed on as internet chatter. Facebook and Twitter talks about dietary habits to party planning.

In the meanwhile, there was a royal wedding. A fairy tale enacted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or as they are now fondly called Will and Kate. Her wedding dress was the talk of town or rather world, huh? She looked resplendent in an angelic dress and her Groom wasn’t far behind. They drove in an Aston Martin, James Bond style after the wedding and enthralled the onlookers.

Isn’t it an irony that the world in a space of a week rejoices at a Wedding and a Death?

Is there a reasoning in our celebrations these days? I almost gave up on that when I checked our events calendar for the week and saw something that made me smile.

Tell me three people in this world who do things unconditionally for us and never claim and in most cases never get credit for what they give us?

Can’t think of any?

Here they are:




In all that is happening around the world right now, we at 123Greetings.com are celebrating these three people in the coming week. Take a moment, choose a card and send them some love.



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