War and Peace!

Send some flowers to your loved oneJack, my colleague, is a 9/11 survivor. Sadly, he lost his elder brother and a friend on that fateful day. When the whole world was full of opinions, Jack was strangely silent.

When prodded gently by me, his reaction to the whole event was this…

“Bob, I still mourn the death of my brother and my friend. I never saw them die though, but I saw the firefighters who were in no way related to my family go through the fire and rubbles to save them. I saw them fall and hurt in front of my eyes. I saw a few make the ultimate sacrifice – they gave their lives. I knew the man who was responsible for this is not a good man. He deserves what he got, but I despise death… Death that is not natural. Death that is forced upon any individual… Every person in death has a loved one who sheds a tear. Even a terrorist! I am not going to mourn the death of Osama, but I am not going to rejoice either. Jus’ ask a soldier who shot the terrorist if he smiled after the shot. I bet, he didn’t. I wish there is peace. And no more death.” His voice trailed off.

Silence hung in the air.

I am not sure if I agree with him or not, but who am I to judge?

Life is full of surprises. Life is short too. Life is too short to keep our emotions to ourselves. It is high time we share our love with people whom we love and care for.

We at 123greetings.com understand that. In this breakneck speed of life, not many have the luxury to even click a few times to choose a greeting card for their loved ones. So, here we are with a new tool… A new “Quick Send” option has been added on the homepage for the “Most Popular/ Most Viewed/ Highest Rated/ Latest Additions” sections. Below each of the cards, there is a box which states “Send this ecard”. On clicking on the text box, a quick send option opens up which enables the users to send cards quickly from there.

Go ahead now, and share some love.



One thought on “War and Peace!

  1. Yeah we’ll miss her. She makes people feel warm and that she cares. Bob, you are like her in your writing.

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