Obama Is Indeed Born American!

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The issue of whether the President was born in United States of America or in Kenya has raged for a while now. President Obama gave a closure to this yesterday when he produced his Birth Certificate as evidence.

The Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces has more serious things to tackle rather than this silly issue. Mrs. Bradley has got her elder son stationed in Afghanistan. And now, her younger son is drafted and flying sorties in Libya.

I asked her how she was holding up the other day. She said she regretted she didnt have another child whom she could have sent to Iraq. Wow! A true-blue American mom, right there!

That said, it made me wonder… We are fighting three wars!

We are jus’ coming out of recession!

We are settling the health care issue!

We have elected a Democrat President whose middle name is Hussein. And he is an African-American.

We are still the highest contributors for Charity around the world.
We have the CEOs or the world’s richest people pledging 99% of their wealth to charity.
We still make the best films in the world.
We know how to party!

And we know how to grieve for others.

We can be called so many things by so many people, but no one would dare call us a dull lot. We are optimistic and there is only one way to go from here on – Up!

I would like you to take a moment here to pray for our soldiers stationed in three different countries and all around the world.

May God bless them and their families.

I somehow believe, we shouldn’t jus’ celebrate our mothers on Mother’s Day, but our love should also extend to mothers like Mrs. Bradley who has given everything she has and still valiantly marches on.. I would urge you to go ahead and send them some love and respect.

Here’s a shout out to those who are graduating in flying colors or otherwise too. Go ahead and make your choices in life and make sure you wear your heart on the sleeve when you move forward – The American Way!
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