Do You Like The New Ipod Shuffle?

Send Everyday EcardsApple has done it again! It has come with a brand new edition of the Ipod Shuffle. The storage on this is 4 GB. Donna walked into my cubicle with this news. She’s a music freak and if there’s anything new on the music shelf, she’s the person you should tap to know more about the details of the product, the price, the features etc. She informed me that this Ipod was unveiled without much fanfare and it looks really sleek. This is a really small one and has only the shuffle mode switch on the body of the device. The controls are on the earplug cord. The disadvantage to this is that you cannot use an earplug that is not Apple manufactured. Donna thinks it’s just a marketing ploy of the company to push the earplugs it manufactures. She’s not a big fan of the Apple earplugs.

But she’s all game for this special feature on this Ipod: it talks to you! Donna explained to me that it has a switch on the remote, a long press, which can make the device tell you what song is being played and your playlist. She squealed, “You can choose from a variety of language options too!” Not a feature that I would use more regularly, I reminded her. But that didn’t do anything to bring down her enthusiasm level. She told me straight that the product was not for me and I can very well continue to use my old portable music system! “They are so obsolete that even if you throw them, there’s hardly anyone who would bother to pick them up!” I smiled and replied, “I’ll pick them before anyone does.” Exasperated, she left the room! If you think of the world about this new Ipod Shuffle from the Apple stable, you can write in your support for Donna.


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